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    Server monetization program

    As a member of a perspective russian modmaker group i want to say a few words about our CIS (Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine...) segment: 1) No one wants to to make something interesting because he as author can't monetize it or just prevent other servers to use his work. This is very demoralising when you spend a lot of time, creating something, but other noname server keepers just take you work and have profit on it. 2) There is no control of addon usage. If you want to keep current monetization rules, we need to feel safe. Now only RHS addons are really forbidden to use and maximum penalties for it - removing from steam workshop. But there is A3Launcher, Arma3 sync or servers can just use torrent or create custom launcher... So servers with copyright problems just use it and don't lose so much online -> so much money 3) Servers or mods without monetization always lose. If you have a lot of original content, but you competitor have monetization without something original, after a few month there is a 90% chance that you will close your project, cause you need to pay for server, buy anti DDOS protection, spend time on developing of something new, bug-fixing... But you competitor could afford to use this money to improve server machines, pay for advertising, and in the most of the cases he just buy first server, with original content or buy DDOS attacks to destroy server with original content. Conclusion: people who produce nothing have absolute advantage. 4) In our CIS community donation system (without receiving something for donation) don't work at all. Our "great" russian community even if realy like server or project could donate only crumbs. But if they can buy something they will pay and pay a lot. A few years before we worked on a modification (A2 Dayz Phoenix Mod) without any monetization and with custom scripts, models, and other content. There was a lot of problems: 1) Competitor servers perform DDOS attacks cause they can afford it, but we had no resources to pay for better hosting or protection 2) Origins Mod steal our clothing system (like in Dayz SA) and other stuff, because we had no resources to pay to streamers and youtubers for highlighting our innovations and now 3\4 of A2 community thinks that Ori mod was first. 3) Our "great" community members supports us only with words, but spends they money on other servers to buy for e.g. few tanks, have some fun, and cam back to our, when they lose it. Now we are working on A3 huge modification with only original content, but we wait for changes to release it, cause we don't want to stepping on the same rake
  2. After last update, when P drive default location was changed to system drive, I changed P drive project folder to new separate drive. And now, when I try to open any model or save it i see this error: Buldozer and OB settings looks legit. After tools reinstallation nothing changed...
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    Object builder path error after update

    Thank you for your attention, but simple Windows restart was a solution of my problem. It is a bit strange, because before restart even complete uninstall with subsequent CCleaner cleanup gives me the same error. But after a simple restart with same options all became as it should be. (Also, I see no differences in Windows registry before and after restart in the OB or BITools sections) Excuse me for your wasted time.