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  1. I posted this also on Reddit and an user did point out that on the positions is also says: So, it might be a Take On Mars 2/VR? And sorry for the double post but now I can't find a way to delete this post I'll just use it instead of editing the first post.
  2. I hope it's fine to post this here because I wasn't sure in which section I should post it but today I did noticed the following on BI careers page: <ROLE> = Gameplay programmer, 3D artist, sound artist, environment artist and lead artist. Link for one of the positions. There are 5 open positions for this new game and, at least for me, it's the first time I read about it. More interesting is that it's a VR game, something I didn't expect BI to explore right now but I am excited because I think that VR is awesome (I had a DK2 and I will get a Vive or Rift a couple of months after both are released). Also, it isn't clear if it's a new IP or not right, only that it's one of their IPs? I ask because English isn't my main language and maybe I am not reading right. So, what do you guys think about it?