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  1. johndoeagora

    problem sling class car

    thank you , my model and identical on both class ( think because ) but depending on the class think
  2. johndoeagora

    problem sling class car

    up for translation
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create an object which can be helicopter lifted. I already successfully created a object class "thing". The object can be lifted by a helicopter, no problem with that. However, I would like to create an object which can be mounted, as a vehicle would be. I tried to do that by changing the class name to "car" but when testing it looks like the object is too heavy... How (and where) is the mass of an object defined when helicopter lifted ? And how to add a drive action on an object from the class "car" ? thank you a cybercoco for translation!!!
  4. johndoeagora

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Bonjours je me présente je m’appelle jonathan j'ai 30 ans, j'habite dans le sud de la france, met passion sont le modélisme,jeux video et la programmation. sorry for my english i'm french. Hello I introduce myself my name is jonathan I 'm 30 , I live in the south of France , puts passion are the modeling, video games and programming.