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  1. Im far from a mod/content creator, im just trying to get these uniforms not to require weapons, so i can use them with my community :)
  2. i still seem to have the bug where there are loads of tyres/wheels in the sky, anyone know a fix? as i thought this was fixed in the latest patch?
  3. i have no coding/config knowledge at all buddy, if its at all possible and could release one, that would be amazing, and i would be forever greatful
  4. is there anyway i could use your uniforms pack without the weapon and vehicles? as we RHS for them, but love the uniforms, so i am wondering if there is a work around for this?
  5. MajorOllie


    I have just had to remove the mod from our pack, as it caused a SERIOUS bug, when the mod is enabled, we were unable to respawn, our games froze up, and arma crashed, we had ace3, rhs, cba and a couple other mods enabled also, but after some testing, the bug was from this mod. In Detail - When were are on the respawn menu, or click respawn in a multilayer game, the countdown would start for our respawn, but when the actually clicked the respawn button, our games froze and crashed. Hope you can get this fixed as its a great mod
  6. i cant get the f18 mod to work with ace, when we lase targets, (from the ground) there is no white square that appears, like its not lasing, and i come in from the direction the laser is pointing so i can 100% see it, this is with the single seater f18, with the 2 seater f18 it has it own laser marker, we mark the pos with that, this time we get a white square, but no matter what we do we can no acquire a lock, we are using the LGB 12, any ways to fix or help would be much appreciated