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  1. Hi! I am looking to play on some modded Milsim or COOP servers. I can't find many populated servers, and this place seems to be the best to ask. I prefer servers that don't have an age restriction. Thanks -Hyru
  2. So, I bought Arma 3 from MMOGA, and it has been running fine for a long time (almost a year). Now, I get errors everytime I play I get an error message saying things like "Arma3.exe-No disk in drive E" and once I press one of the 3 options, it has a bunch of numbers. I cannot screenshot it or anything. It mostly happens on modded arma 3 servers, such as Evolution life, RLG takistan, Fast Foward Gaming Arma 3 life, etc. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks -llama