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  1. Hey guys, i have the same issue here i made some custom buildings with proxies but when put it in game proxies showing no problem, but when i put in tb and compile with Pbo project the proxies not showing any more, someone have any clue about that ?
  2. i have the same problem on my maps when i tried to but buildings with proxies they dont show up in TB and the properties its said "has proxies" to false. how to fix this ? Regards
  3. Thanks alot people now all its working with spawning a empty helipad but now another problem was found if ((_tree getVariable ["PommesDispo",0]) == 0) then { diag_log "La variable es introuvable et va maintenant etre créer."; _tree setVariable ["PommesDispo",_RealAvailable,true]; diag_log format["Nombre de pommes: %1.",(_tree getVariable "PommesDispo")]; } else { _tree getVariable "PommesDispo"; diag_log format ["Pommes: %1",_tree getVariable ["PommesDispo",0]]; }; always i resend the script the variable was not found because the script always go to the _tree setVariable ["PommesDispo",_RealAvailable,true]; @pierremgi
  4. so funny xD. i'll try this and see maybe thats will be working
  5. i need to make it for each tree has a proper inventory all in random and for all client on the server
  6. True but i dont have any other solution for making a virtual inventory directly into the tree ?
  7. i put the variables on the p3d not on the classname because yes tree dont have any classname
  8. and the variables is made on a p3d
  9. no its because the apple is calculating with a random
  10. We cant make a setvariable on tree ? why ?
  11. thanks for your answer : 23:58:20 "arbre: 1143130: t_oleae1s_f.p3d pommes: 14"
  12. Hi @pierremgi this is where i'm on altis (the apple tree on altis life) https://i.gyazo.com/c503ce68c9dd072a7e0e077c6924c8ce.jpg and this the result of the nearestterainobject: https://i.gyazo.com/0368f7ace51b8cf2ed363646b5b00c90.png. and yes this is into the same script Best Regards
  13. Hey good evening guys, i got a problem when i'm trying to find the solution. Sorry for my english i'm french :) i'll explain exactly what i'm trying to do. Firstable i make a scan of all p3d in a range 15m around the player, when its done i asking for find the p3d i want to use. Exemple: _terrainObjects = nearestTerrainObjects [player, ["TREE", "SMALL TREE", "BUSH"], 15]; _object = []; _DestructionP3D = "t_oleae1s_f.p3d"; { _counterDestructionP3D = count _DestructionP3D; for "_i" from 0 to (_counterDestructionP3D-1) do { _find = str _x find (_DestructionP3D select _i); if (_find > 0) then { if(damage _x < 1) then { _object pushBack _x; }; }; }; } forEach _terrainObjects; _objects = count _object; if (_objects < 1) exitWith { Hint "Impossible to get the tree"; }; after that i select the closer of the player: _tree = _object select 0; _RealAvailable = 16; after that when the tree is select and all is good i want to put on it a specific variable to give it to him a virtual inventory of apple at this moment all is good but when its time to give to him the variable its look like not working. if (isNil {_tree getVariable "appletogetit"}) then { diag_log "The variable is not create we will create it."; _tree setVariable ["appletogetit",_RealAvailable,true]; diag_log format["Number of apple's into the tree: %1.",(_tree getVariable "appletogetit")]; } else { _tree getVariable "appletogetit"; diag_log "Retreive the apple into the tree"; }; into the dialog for fetch the number of the appl was a add i got Null into the RPT: 23:16:14 "Number of apple's into the tree: <null>." so its someone can find the solution of that problem thats will be magic. Thanks for help. Best regards