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  1. I've been crashing at the splash screen as well post update, but I have no doubt it's a mod conflict as opposed to ACE3 (I'm at 80 mods, it's time for spring cleaning). If I figure out what it is I'll update for reference's sake!
  2. I haven't tested this myself, but for those having problems, did you fellows just merge the new @ace with the old @ace, or did you delete the old @ace folder entirely before installing the new one?
  3. Not to pull a necro, but I too have been trying to figure out how to do this properly. Anyone?
  4. Aww, I know how you feel buddy. Don't stress it though, you gave us plenty to enjoy in the meantime!
  5. mcbox

    PG Services (PMC)

    Hey, really great job on the textures for these, specifically those combat uniforms, folded/long sleeves, it gives them a ton of depth. Quality work!
  6. Hey I think I actually ran into one of your posts on Armaholic while trying to solve my own issue! I also have your Zee Identity Pack! I'm currently revamping the model, but once that's done I'll shoot it right over to you, thanks so much in advance though.
  7. No luck so far, but thank you for the reply!
  8. Hello fellas. Cutting to the chase here, I'm trying to put an altered model into Arma 3, that takes the headgear and/or goggles slot. I've done weighting and mapping and all of that, but it is never attached to the head, instead it just float around the crotch area. I've imported example bodies to ensure it wasn't just really low, but no matter what it just can't get to the character's head. My only guess is it's a bone issue, that it needs to be linked to the head/neck, correct? I tried watching a tutorial, but when it came to rigging, the guy's O2 had a different window than mine that showed bone type bits on it, unless I seen that incorrectly. In any case, any aid would be much appreciated, and thank you for reading.
  9. I was just trying to get working for Arsenal because I love it of course! The way you guys did those shotguns was superb, it's a nice compromise of having a pump shotgun with all the satisfaction the pump brings, without any added script lag. In any case, thanks a ton and I look forward to any FFAA update releases.
  10. Hey guys, apologies for the necro, but I am having quite the similar issue. On the very same FFAA mod, I'm trying to get the Fabarm SDASS and SDASS Compact to show up on the Arsenal, but I've had zero success.