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  1. Hi, Just some words to say. I dowloaded yesterday night the new map-DLC, Malden. I did start playing Operation Flashpoint at the beginin. I was 14 years old. So, imagine what i felt coming back in Malden, with the actual engine and gameplay of Arma 3. This is simply great ! And its free...i only can say, thank you. But, after a night long spended. I miss something "epic" to do with this map. Alone or in cop-op. A campaign. A campaign is missing. Why not a remastered campaign of CWC ? Or a new one. I don't know. I don't know about you, but personally, iam ready to pay for it (and for Everon XD) ! Enjoy your day :) ++
  2. Hi everyone, I searched that before and didn't find anysolution (i installed back DirectX, change my sound quality in windows, check my RAM use, my GPU use and my CPU use when the "bug" is on... and it look totally normal). When i play solo, i got around 50 FPS with ArmA 3, depending the situation. I can play like this hours and hours without any problem. In multiplayer, especialy in AltisLife servers, i can play correctly one hour max, then...without warning, i fall immedialty at 5FPS (4-5, not more, not less...). All the textures turn instantly to be low (more low than the law option of the game), the 3D objects and field become totally scare (it look like HalfLife1 haha), and the players mooves without any animations. Then it stay like this. To fix it, i need to restart the game (not the computer). And i play one hour, and it come back again. Do theire is some news and new ways to fix that definitivly ? Thanks everyone. ++ Config : - I7 5930K (not OC) - Nvidia GTX Titan X (Maxwell) (driver is updated) (not OC) - 32Go RAM (Crucial Ballistix Sport in DDR4) - Intel C610 X99 OS : - Windows 10 - 64bits (updated) - DirectX12
  3. mav783

    Suddenly Low Fps After Coming Back To Arma

    Yep, ArmA 2 haved the same problem. I dont even know if it will be fixed with directx12...its not enought, it need programation work beeside. Its sad, but Arma 3 is not badly optimised for this kind of 3D engine and scale...it just have to be better (50% GPU and 40% CPU, it must) :D
  4. mav783

    Suddenly Low Fps After Coming Back To Arma

    Also, i did check how many ressources my computer is using for hard scenes under ArmA 3 (around 20 PFS). Iam surprised to see that even one signle GTX 970 activated is only used at 50%...even with 20 FPS shutdown... Much more bad : my CPU (i7-5930k), is used around 40% MAX ! not more (what ever the situation and even if i add view distance, the CPU stay definitively around 40% of capacity even if the game is falling in fluidity...) :(
  5. mav783

    Suddenly Low Fps After Coming Back To Arma

    Yeh guys, It look like Timewarp said. I did check the list of games that is available with SLI at an Nvidia official listing. ArmA 3 don't have any SLI Profile...:(
  6. mav783

    Suddenly Low Fps After Coming Back To Arma

    Okay thank :) It explain maybe why i don't loose FPS with all settings up or down, but i fall with puting up the views distances ? Thanks
  7. mav783

    Suddenly Low Fps After Coming Back To Arma

    Hi everyone, I jump on this post instead to open a new one. I didn't found any specific and clear answers to my questionment. I have 2 GTX970 graphic cards, working in SLI. With the latest drivers. When i activate only one, or both, i don't see any difference with the PFS...it turn around 50/60 FPS, no matter if i activate a card or two. I wanted to know if this is normal ? Thanks.