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  1. Hello I am trying to edit a emita map and for some reason when I am trying to edit it, I get this message < Loading of mission failed! >. I have tried other mission.sqm from different pbo's and they work fine but this one dosen't. It runs fine on the server. If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it Thanks
  2. Hello There are no players appearing on the rcon tool DaRT or EPM tool but it appears on battlewarden but when I either choose kick or ban, it kick/ban me I just need help I have even added the server on gametracker but no players appear on gametracker when there are people on. I would appreciate if anyone can help me Join my teamspeak: ts3.summergaming.co.uk Thanks
  3. Hello We have launched a new server and you can join us by typing in the filter [sG] and setting your ping to 1000 so you can see all the servers and you will find it. We are also a new community and would like you to sign up on our fourms > http://forums.summergaming.co.uk/ < and also we have a teamspeak > ts3.summergaming.co.uk < Thanks
  4. The RPT file is too big
  5. Ok jaysantiglitch.sqf jaysmanual.sqf loadAccount.sqf loadStats.sqf saveFunction.sqf saveLoop.sqf saveToServer.sqf serverGather.sqf
  6. What codes do I need to post? It would be much better if you could join Teamspeak Thanks
  7. The stats aren't saving > There is no files in the folder (db) Thanks
  8. Hello I have been trying to figure this out for 3 days now I need help with the stat save. I have ticked the @inidb in TADST tool and I have installed Microsoft C++ but still nothing The stats don't save I have asked other communities to help me and they have lend me their mission files and we tried and still no stat saving If anyone could kindly help us, it would be much appreciated Teamspeak IP: ts3.summergaming.co.uk > Poke MrOMNZ Thank you very much for taking your time reading Much Appreciated