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    To Asid; So the rest of the community on SB is toxic? They're all racist and bullies? Sure sounds like that is what you are saying. Which in turn sounds like you might be stirring the pot a bit, which might be the reason people are hostile towards you and your group. I don't know for sure, but it seems that way to me. Good luck with all that. I for one have been involved with the SB community for many years, and while there are some ego's and differing views, I can say that anytime there is a huge misunderstanding, it's mostly to blame on personality conflicts. Which unless you live in a sterile bubble, and have no contact with the outside world, that stuff happens on a daily basis. People need to grow some skin and realize that everyone is entitled to one thing, and one thing only. Their opinion. From what I've seen on SB, most of the people have a good nature and are more than willing to help and guide newbies. The internet is hard to convey sarcasm on, and some people's first language is not English, so I feel a lot can get lost in translation. Gotta make like a duck, and let it roll off of your back.