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  1. Trigger OnACT: [AI] join player1;
  2. Place a 3X10 Trigger over the map bargate, Activation Blufor/Repeatedly/Present- onAct: (getPos thistrigger nearestObject 163575) animate ["Door_1_rot", 1]; onDeact: (getPos thistrigger nearestObject 163575) animate ["Door_1_rot", 0]; Note: Replace the 163575 with the map id of your bargate
  3. This is an awesome map. Very few flaws of note. A few floating buildings and some buildings half way under ground but that's cosmetic. One thing I would recommend is removing all the bar gates. As they are closed, we have to get out, open it and then get back in to drive through. I find it better for us to place our own bar gates which we then use triggers etc to have them open and shut automatically.