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  1. Hello! I am a Medical Sergeant of the 5th SFG! We are looking to gain some new recruits! Currently the 5th SFG has the Special Forces and MARSOC open. We also have access to our own personal operations server and will be running weekly operations. Upon joining the 5th SFG you will need to complete some basic introductory trainings. BCT, or Basic Combat Training, will get you familiarized with the basics of Special Forces movements and how they conduct themselves in the field. AIT, or Advanced Individualized Training, will also be conducted which will give you a much deeper and advanced look into your personalized job within the 5th SFG. After completing the BCT and AIT trainings, you will be a full fledged part of the 5th SFG. We have our own TeamSpeak 3 server as well, tschi1.vilayer.com:10004, and we constantly have active TS personnel that will help you whenever needed. If you are interested in joining the 5th SFG, you can contact [FEAR]James_TopGun, [FEAR]Devour, or Mozey on Steam. Also feel free to look up the Project Honor (MOH Eagle icon) group on Steam as well and have a peek at our unit. Thank you all!
  2. Just opened up our Armored Calvary section today! Come join us! Current Armor: 2 Abrams 1 Stryker MGS 1 Stryker Mortar 1 Vulcan M163 - AA
  3. Yeah sorry about that. We actually have a webpage up now, but my steam is : WO. Walker [JSOU]. Completely forgot to post that. Our TS IP is: and our webpage is http://us-specialoperations.freeforums.net/board/5/enlist.
  4. Hello! My name is Walker and I am a Corporal of JSOC, or JSOU, Recruiter and Drill Sergeant. Are you looking for a realism unit that is active, has many different sections to join, and is laid back and chill after hours? Well, then you might like what I have to say to you about JSOU. What We Offer Many different sections to join like: MARSOC, Marine Corp Infantry Airforce, Pilots Pararescue, Airbourne Medics What Else We Got? Active Teamspeak 3 with Plenty of Room! WE have PLENTY of room in our TS3 to grow! We are looking for ACTIVE recruits who are looking for the realistic experience! Weekly Operations! WE do weekly operations on our server, and we have over 60 mods installed to offer up variety in our missions! Don't let the high number of mods fool you, we have them all in a collection on PlayWithSix, all you need to do is subscribe, install, and you are good to go! So, I'm going to be a Recruit for months? Negative! You will grow through the ranks as long as you are ACTIVE! We need active members who are willing to dedicate their time and just flat out enjoy being a part of a realism unit! Is there Training? Roger that! There is extensive training that you will receive upon joining JSOU! You will train in all the basics and advanced tactics we have to offer, from formations, tactics, breaching, fast roping, HALO Jumping, and even being trained in the multitudes of Launchers that Arma 2 CO has to offer! 15 and Older? We'll take you in! We take in recruits ages 15 and up. There is a lot of crude language and craziness that happens within the Teamspeak, and it is not void of fun.. But when it comes down to operations - Put your war face on, cause we mean business! So, you think you got what it takes to be a MARSOC, Airforce, or Pararescue in JSOU? Come prove it to us, cause we'll give you one heck of an oppurtunity to enjoy some crude, true, and real military experience! Contact me on Steam - Corporal Walker [JSOU], or contact us on here and we'll get with you ASAP to get you enlisted! Our TS IP is:, Jump on and come join the Needs Recruiter Channel in the TS or just wait til someone pulls you down. We usually have officers on until 5 am EST. And we just added another section - Green Berets, an Elite squad that you can apply to after a certain amount of time enlisted with the JSOU. Hope to see you guys on!