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  1. Is there oil rig/pump model like this available to use with editor? http://content.presentermedia.com/files/animsp/00002000/2563/oil_rig_PA_md_wm.gif (131 kB)
  2. JS440

    Understanding clock when enemy spoted.

    Indeed this is how it works thanks for your help again. Wonder if there's some mod / update to this reporting system available to actually report based on the viewing angle or say north or southwest etc or say compass bearing.
  3. I have placed myself and two east squads and made "DESTROY" waypoint (radius 25) for each squad and placed over opposite squad. When mission starts they shoot each other however waypoint completes as soon as they kill 1 man (timeout does not have an effect) from the squad, i am trying to make each squad shoot another until there's no one left standing. Tried to create cycle waypoint however it does not work for this situation, only thing works is creating 10 destroy waypoints for each squad which is super time consuming. I wonder if there's some script i can use to loop this waypoint 10 times or so or achieve what i want any other way possible.
  4. When mission starts i think clock corresponds to north then if you look north and see enemy you will report "Enemy Soldier 2 o clock" if here somewhere NE from you. However later on this clock somehow shifts and does not correspond north anymore. I know for sure clock does not correspond to your view because i can select team member click ALT+Mouse1 right in front of me in the center and will say "Watch 8 o click" rather than 12 o click. When playing on Difficult with all aids (including clock on top of screen) turned off, how do you understand when your team members say "enemy soldier 5 o clock" where i supposed to look?
  5. JS440

    Remove Scope?

    I am big fan of Operation Flashpoint 1985 / Cold War Assault and actually were playing it when i installed ARMA 1. I expected an upgrade to original game with better graphics and more features, this is indeed an upgrade with many improvements however it feels completely different because of new engine they used. 1. Physics is the main problem feels like completely different from original game movement, aiming, etc slow turning around. Units animation and just the shape are very unnatural, they too skinny and tall. Game Feels like its some mod for Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. 2. AI talking too fast and bit dumb vehicles hit rocks at full speed when in line formation BMP's flip upside down on even surface. 3. Iron sights on all weapons other than AK47 are very small and hard to use you also need to zoom in to effectively use sight. On American side most all units have this red dot sight that is huge and gives tunnel vision effect.
  6. Since beginning of times i never understood what the heck it means when AI tells you "Go to 00 17" or "Go to 55 11" etc. What do numbers mean?