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    Looking for ACE2 classlists

    I wish you all the best! And if you want to play, you're welcome, add me on Steam and we'll meet you there. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006384932/
  2. Madvad

    Looking for ACE2 classlists

    I hope you have healed completely! Sorry to bring up an old topic, but do you still have this material? I still create missions for ArmA2:CO ACE2, and I would really like this material, which disappeared from the internet.
  3. Hello guys. A friend updated his windows to version 11, and now the multiplayer VOIP no longer works. During the game he presses the voip button, his name appears on the screen as if he is speaking but his voice is not heard. We've already done tests, reinstalled drivers, ArmA 2/OA, and the microphone works normally on Windows, and programs like Teams, Discord, so we came to the conclusion that the problem is related to ArmA 2/OA. Has anyone ever experienced this? I read that in Windows 11 they changed some strings/dlls related to the control panel, so I believe that ArmA voip is looking for something that has changed its name/no longer exists and a Hotfix is needed.
  4. Madvad

    [WIP] A3WarMod - a WarMod for Arma3

    Hello again! Yes I noticed the post is old already, but I try because I have interest in find something nice like the COSLX did form me in the OA. I had amazing hours in ArmA2: CO with friends, porting maps like Patrol Ops, Evo (by Hohei) to terrains like Fallujah, Aliabad, Lingor and etc and using the COSLX, ACE and Zeus_AI+ASR.. I dont have any kind of skills to work with codes, I basically work in the game editor to create bases and stuffs, and change the unit/objects classnames to the correct ones. I know what you passing working so hard, believe me. But we need something to relieve the stress, and I like to shoot ISIS and talibans! LOL I admit, I dont like the A3 like the OA. I miss the gunsight, the ragdoll is bizarre and etc, but my friends decided to try, so I was looking into find features from COSLX to A3, like the enemy actions, helping wounded, dropping smokes and etc...
  5. Madvad

    [WIP] A3WarMod - a WarMod for Arma3

    Keep it up the good work! I using for years the COSLX in ArmA2:CO and is stunning. I really didnt like the A3 (wtf is that ragdoll physics?), but my squad friends wants to try it and i was searching for SLX to A3, and found that post. I NEED THIS MOD!!! lol
  6. I think it's a little late, but the mission was abandoned definitively? I had memorable fights with my squad in these missions, and always wondered how it would be in its final form and the side missions working.
  7. Madvad

    A2/A2:OA Patch 18.12.2015

    Well, thanks for continue updating the A2/OA. But, i have to say, now my server dont appear in the online servers anymore..
  8. Madvad

    Patrol Operations 2

    I want this too...:(
  9. Madvad

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hello Mirek! Thanks for answering. I find it odd that happens, because these visual effects were only activated after I activated the ACE. I really like COslx, and not use the file "vehicleseffects.pbo" which causes some visual effects happen. Therefore, this effect began to appear after the ACE has been triggered, it must be a file inside the ACE, correct? Is there any way to try to fix what is causing this infinite loop? I really do not want to stop using the COslx, because I do not use ACE 100% of the time.
  10. Madvad

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hello guys. I'm having trouble with a strange bug in ACE2. When I hit an enemy vehicle, it can explode, or just become damaged, with the explosion of its ammunition and stuff. No news. But what is happening is that sometimes I hit a vehicle as an enemy tank, it starts to explode the ammunition and flares out of his turret, followed by a loud noise. And this effect is in an endless loop, even after the vehicle disappear, the effect and the noise still there forever, thereby decreasing my fps. What can it be? PS: I am using Blastcore FX and COslx. Another strange thing, sometimes the textures bugged and turns to low quality...:(
  11. Hello guys, okay ? I know this is an old post, but come on .. First, I would like to congratulate the great work done at Trader ! But I have found some problems : In the Mission Editor, I put the Trader in Nimitz 's deck, and when I click Preview, it's there. But when I create the .pbo, and I will play the mission effectively, the Trader or disappears from the deck, or is exploding below. I thought it was something related to positioning height in Nimitz 's deck, but checked it, and it is correct, all other aircraft and objects work, but the Trader insists not appear or respawn . What can be ?