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  1. Dominic1231

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    My Course is over, its time to get back in to SB would like to participate. You guys always run good missions with a good balance of fun and realistic tactics.
  2. Dominic1231

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    +1 finally somebody telling it how it is. Dominic/Marko
  3. Dominic1231

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    Some of the guys on the SB forum have put together a Newbie starter kit. You will find all you need to know plus a list of active VU's http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Starter_Pack
  4. Dominic1231

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    Normally about every two years or so they normally contain a significant amount of new vehicles not all playable though I will admit I am a fan boy and can honestly say i never had a issue paying for a update IMO there worth the money
  5. Dominic1231

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    Understood, I will not post any more on the topic. I just felt people should know his views were not that of the majority of member or visitors to the SB forum I intend to be a part of this forum discussing all things armour related
  6. Dominic1231

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    Normally I would agree with that statement Tonci87 But in this case the person is responsible for spreading a lot of mistruths about the SB Forum and its members I have been a member of the SB forum for over ten years and his statements are simply not true or exaggerated He has used comments made on the SB forum completely out of context to further his vendetta.