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  1. Hi, we are small group (about 6-7) that we like to play arma 3 semi-realistic, we use TFAR,ace(basic),etc... We want to rent a server and play when we feel to, but we don't have any idea for scenarios to download in the workshop. We took a look to Antistasi, but its to much grinding for us, but a liberation is "easy" in the way of you can have virtual arsenal. We need something in the middle of that. Thanks.
  2. First of all, very good mod! 🙂 I found two bugs 1: When i call a chopper for a pickup and cancel it because there are enemies, he "RTB" but instead he comes back and starts fighting for no reason. 2: I cant fast rope with my AI squad I'm the only one that rappels the rest stays in the chopper. Sorry for my English, its not my first language!