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    making a cutscene

    If audio being out of sync is your main issue when using a video file I think I may have a solution, as a 3d animator, visual fx and video editor, I tend to problem solve a lot of these things. So if the audio lags about 3 seconds behind the video, the answer may be quite simple. Just go into your video editor (mine is sony vegas) and slide the audio track 3 seconds in front of the video file, deliberately putting it out of sync. so when it plays in game, the lag should then align it correctly. In theory it will still lag, but now play at the right time of the video.
  2. Daves_Gaming_Adventures

    making a cutscene

    I plan on making an opening cutscene for my next mission, although I don't want to do it the traditional way of setting up the camera.sqs and copying the co'ordinates into the script and messing about with it like that. I am actually a video editor so What I plan on doing is recording footage using Gcam and editing it into a cutscene video file. What I need to know is what file format does the video have to be, and how do i set it up so my mission plays the video from the start? I need to know external scripts and ingame triggers that link to the scripts. Trust me If someone can help me with this, I am pretty much unstoppable and will be bringing down some really good story based missions with voice acting, the lot
  3. Daves_Gaming_Adventures

    prolonged vehicles burning and a satchel activation script

    thank you, I love this forum, everyone always helpful.
  4. Hi There, due to the success of my first mission i plan on making another, however i need help with setting up 2 things first. 1a. I need certain vehicles to start already destroyed and on fire. 1b. Is there a way to make them burn longer? the default burns out pretty quickly and I need them to be burning for some time while my player crosses the land to find his base all destroyed. 2. When he arrives at the base, is there a trigger that when the player activates it, a whole set of satchel charges pre placed in the editor will detonate?
  5. Daves_Gaming_Adventures

    1 hit kills mod?

    All im after is a mod that basically kills AI (body and head) with a single shot. Its annoying as hell when you pump 3-5 rounds in them and they seem to twitch like you just poked them under their ribs. Im not even bothered if you can shoot them in the arms and legs that cause them to do the first aid animation but I dont want a full makeover mod like ace, i just want one that sorts this out. Any ideas?
  6. Daves_Gaming_Adventures

    Operation Dawnfire Teaser Trailer

    Just waiting on some voice actors to return the dialogue needed and this bad boy is up for release. Features - Virtual Ammobox - Multiple Supports (Cas Attack choppers, Cas Bombing, Artillery) - Full objectives - Optional Objective - Possibility to turn into a full campaign
  7. Hi There I have finished editing my single mission and all i need to bring it to life are 2 custom voices. 1. Bravo one - american special forces soldier doing the lone wolf mission 2. Papabear - Mission control Only a few lines required for both. Pm me and I will give you the script. If this goes well there could be more missions needed Or i could compile them all into a campaign. you will be credited of course and I need the files in wav. format asap so I can convert them and add radio fx to the sound file. Thanks
  8. Daves_Gaming_Adventures

    end mission when only my player is in trigger

    Just tested it and it works thank you very much. This is my first mission so i appologise if im asking proper basic questions, but the strange thing is that i have been putting in some complicated triggers and scripts for some objective states, yet im scratching my head over something so basic
  9. Ok This is probably a very simple one, I did look at similar posts to see if it had the answer i wanted but it doesnt. I need an end mission trigger that fires when my specific player enters the trigger zone NOT all blufor units. Reason for this is i have multiple objectives including an optional one that if not completed will leave some opfor units alive & the end mission area is in my base that has many ambient blufor units patrolling around and i dont want them accidentally activating the script when im halfway into the mission.
  10. Daves_Gaming_Adventures

    delay for calling support units

    thank you very much for this. I'm loving the whole coding and mission editing, but The scripts are a nightmare unless you know how to use them
  11. Hi there, just finalizing the smaller details on my mission and part of my mission is destroying an AA unit so my air assets are able to be used for CAS. The only problem is I want the support vehicles not to show up on my menu until the AA tank is destroyed. How do i fix this?
  12. Daves_Gaming_Adventures

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    this is pretty cool. I wish there was an external briefing manager to make it a little easier
  13. Daves_Gaming_Adventures

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hi My name is Dave & I have just got into arma 3 mission editing. Been playing since the old flashpoint days and i was put off by a lot of the scripting and coding side of things, yet there are so amny helpful youtube tutorials out now that Its making it a lot easier for me. Given up on Dayz standalone until/if it ever gets finished and may give it another go. Spend a lot of time playing arma 2 epoch, but I want to spend more time making missions in arma 3