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  1. I'm confused. Doesn't the filled box with white square mean the mission is finished? If so, it's telling me that all my missions are finished, which can't be because I never finished the campaign. How do I continue the campaign and play the missions that I never played. Because when I revert the Tipping Point it's a mission that I recognize I played, so where is the continuation? EDIT: Do I need to replay the Tipping Point for more missions to appear or is that all there is?
  2. Ok, but where are the rest of the missions? I didn't finish it, and now it looks like all is finished.
  3. I played some of the campaign missions few years ago. Not all of them, but I think all from Episode 1 - Survive and some from Episode 2 - Adapt. And nothing from Episode 3 - Win. Now I wanted to finish the campaign and all I see is this: http://i.imgur.com/7CAvFuG.jpg Just a few missions and all finished? Is this bugged or what happened here?
  4. Nah, didn't work. It's not an issue of lagging out my router. I can refresh and it returns servers just fine. The problem is they are all European, not a single US server.
  5. Any news on this? After the update it still shows only European servers.
  6. Yes. Here: http://i.imgur.com/Ogtcpmm.jpg- searching for mission battleroyale http://i.imgur.com/V7KePMH.jpg- and here adding "US" to show no servers
  7. Is launcher server browser locked to only display servers from my area (like EU)? Because when I search, let's say, for Battleroyale servers, it only gives me EU servers, not a single US. But if I go to the game server browser, all the servers show up, EU and US. Is there an option for that or is that a bug?
  8. I noticed that the program is automatically adding -nolauncher parameter when using arma3.exe as an executable. This should be the case when using only the arma3launcher.exe since it works only with that. Also when using arma3battleye.exe it would be nice if the program automatically added "2 1" as the first two parameters.
  9. Fred, are you planning on releasing that new malloc, Dwarden was hinting about? Or is that project scrapped completely?
  10. Since last update (1.46) BattlEye is blocking my Dxtory (2.0.108). Does that mean we no longer can use recording software with Arma?
  11. That's weird feature especially when you don't mention it anywhere in the site. And before you mention, "limited in editing/accessing variety of profile & forum features" doesn't do it justice. I actually read that and still didn't know why I can't post new thread and what I need to do to be able to post.
  12. After todays update it seems tbbmalloc is no longer working? I noticed in the launcher there was a BE log that said it blocked tbbmalloc.dll. So what now, we are not allowed to use custom mallocs?