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  1. somehow i cant save the map Again.. ehmm what parameters do i need to add?
  2. ive saved the map in the mapbuilder, and then opend the mapfile in arma3 own editor, and added some respawns and saved it as multiplay... but that didn Work... i saved the map as rampage, and renamed 3 files to mission.sqm and mission.sqf and mission.txt + i created a description.ext file
  3. Why doesnt it Work when i put respawn on the map, with the arma3 editor? but if i do it on another map not made by mapbuilder i Work fine!??? is there still support on this?
  4. i am looing into both Neoarmaggeddon Map Builder and MCC Sandbox 4, but in th Neo... Map Builder it wont let me save my Work... and MCC Sandbox 4 seems very hard to figure out how it Works! but you say that the standard map editor that are in the game should do the Work? server Tool i mean like admin Tool where i can set different settings, like how many kills u need to win a round in a TDM match and such settings.. and a Tool for hosting a dedicated server
  5. What mapeditor for making custom multiplayer maps like TKOTH and TDM do you people recommand? And what server Tool would u recommand`?
  6. no, it just wont let me save the map i made!!! :( Sendjes are you able to save your work?