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  1. I'm getting an error (No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgPatches.a3_weapons_f_mod'.) when launching the game (and starting a mission) with ACE 3 and MCC together(as well as CBA of course). Separately they work without giving the error, even with a whole bunch of other mods but when put together this error shows up. I haven't noticed any negative effects of it, yet. All aspects of both ACE3 and MCC seem to work. Anyone got an idea on what's wrong?
  2. Still haven't got it to work. Is it even supposed to work?
  3. Anyone got the fast roping out of RHS helicopters to work? As far as I've understood it this should be possible from the UH-60 and quite a few others but we never got it to work, the option to attach the FRIES isn't showing up (it does on vanilla helicopters and works well). The compatibility pbos are where they're supposed to.
  4. Yes, same here. But turning on the "ace_medical_enableRevive" will fix this. Of course then it is nearly impossible to be killed, you will go to a wounded state regardless of damage done.
  5. Thank you. While my problem didn't have much to do with what you wrote but it caused me to revisit the config file and something was definitely off there, corrupt or something. New download and new "installation" of the mod fixed my issue. :)
  6. I might be stupid, but I can not for the life of me figure out how to 1. remove the medic requirement and 2. activate advanced medical system. I'm close to giving up and simply taking out the medical system as it is, for us, unplayable if we are required to have a medic class character. As a former combat medic and nurse to be I would LOVE to have this system in place, however the way that would work for us.Could someone please explain in simple steps exactly where I should change these settings?
  7. In the PBO or the editor? In the editor it would only affect a specific mission, right?What I would ideally want is to have it work on every mission (except if its overridden of course), but I'm unsure if that's possible.
  8. Awesome work guys! Used to play with AGM a while back, this seems even better. However I have a small problem, what I want to do is remove the medic restriction on things like epinephrine and blood, to allow all soldiers the ability to bring another soldier out of unconsciousness. The reason for this is that my friends and I almost always play coop missions where the medic class is absent/there's not enough people to fill it, yet we want to use the medical system (basic for now). What should also be said is that we host this on a player computer (that is, not a dedicated server) and I can't seem to find any way to make it so that everyone can use epinephrine and blood. Is it even possible (I'm thinking it should be)?