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  1. UPDATE IMPORTANT: This mod is officially dead Reason I am still putting a comment here is that all the source files are downloadable on mod DB for anyone to use. MOD DB has to approve the article. I expect this to be soon
  2. Hey yall! Sorry for the scarce amount of updates lately! Since my vacation is over I have less time on top is that Brent and I work different shifts so when I am up ready to work on the mod he is either sleeping or at work and likewise the other way around. So that cuts into our time we are still a 2 man team after all. A friend of mine DoMaru has made a web gear rig for the French uniform and might be making one for the German uniform too. I still have to finish the German uniform also have to re-topo the web gear DoMaru has made. Brent has put most of our stuff in the game and is working on the Bolt action system and animations for the bolt action rifles also Brent is working on the RV mats to have everything looking dope in the game. We also have developed our own workflow from Substance painter to Arma 3 which I might write an in-depth tutorial for if any modders are interested in that. And at last Brent has off this weekend and so do I, have no time today to work on the mod but I have planned the whole Sunday so we can actually start putting some thrust on it again. I got to be honest, I started to get bored sometimes and just wandered off to play a game if we were stuck at something again so not all the "lack of time" BullSh**te was the main problem. Hope to give you guys some screens of new stuff or a video on the bolt action this weekend, please don't get your hopes too high because if we ain't make it you will be mad and confused :P Piece out! *Drops mic*
  3. This will come in really handy! Thanks! For uniforms and weapons we are good yes.
  4. Help is always welcome, this certainly will come to help once I start on it!
  5. Yes there will be Interiors for all vehicles, my time could be spend some elsewhere but I could not live with it that the tank would not be having a full 3D interior.
  6. We have worked in the past and it did not work out, I have a different vision for my mod with a different level of quality. Their mod is from what I know more of a Port from the A2 Version and I was not planning to have that. That message is also somewhat true but I think we have proofed by now that this is not relevant anymore :) I if I may be honest I have never said anything about being dead, just said not working on it atm. No not the same thing, Over the top was made for Arma 2 when Eagkle wasnt going to make one for Arma 3 at that time we decided to start Blood Trench. After sometime working with the guys from over the top we got on the end of the line and kind of failed, so Eaglke decided to create over the top in Arma 3.
  7. I haven't been thinking to such extend, since I am starting from scratch I have done smaller steps not thinking to far outside of my road map. I know that there will be Chemical Warfare, which mustard gas will be the first. Delivery systems not sure and have not put to much thought in it, honestly have more been thinking about creating the particle effects and so on. And of course there will be the different kind of gas mask supplied back in World war 1.
  8. Sorry! No article today! Brent had to sign off early today and was not able to finish all the pictures we had in mind releasing today in the article. I did however put 1 picture up from the rifles, thought they looked cool. Stay tuned tomorrow I promise to have it done then otherwise I will reveal my address so you can send me hate letters :P(JKING) http://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-trench-1914-1918/images/ingame-showcase#imagebox
  9. I would like to see them soon as well and cant wait to work on them, on that note they will take sometime but it will get there at some point. Welcome to the forums, I know it is against the rules but expect our first build in about 3 a 4 weeks max, might be sooner then you think. Also stay tuned will release some in game pictures of the assets we got so far, expect the rifles and the different kinds of head gear. I will put a link in this post once the article is up on ModDB.
  10. Brent has finished the Chasseur Alpin uniform! http://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-trench-1914-1918/images/showcase-chasseur-alpin#mediaform I think it came out really nice! Only the German Jaeger uniform and we have all the assets done planned for our first built. We are struggling a bit with implementing the assets in game as we are not to good at it, so if you know any one or that any one is you that would like to help out with that please contact me. It would speed up our progress a lot!
  11. Hello! Our team is looking for developers that can help out speeding the progress of our mod. Basically any help is good I am aiming for the more experienced modders and modelers. This is because I dont want to spend to much time on tutoring and explaining how things work I rather want to keep my focus on the mod. The mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-trench-1914-1918
  12. Hello! I got nothing to show today but I can tell you that the French chessaur alpin unifrom is done just waiting for Brent to finish the textures. Then I will start making the German jaeger alpean uniform and when that is done it is only a matter of time before you can get your hands on it.
  13. Check our new article on ModDB! It contains some new informations. http://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-trench-1914-1918/news/road-map-for-chapter1
  14. I have tried that before and is mostly only attract people that don't have a lot of modding knowledge in general. Two years back that wouldn't be a problem since I didn't know much either but know I am advanced and know so much I probably end up putting more time in teaching and explaining then in creating this mod.