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    [UI] 3D Printer interface is cumbersome

    Excellent! I hope I don't come across as pushy or demanding, I'm just trying to post bug reports and be helpful.
  2. I noticed that, in Windowed mode, the game appeared to still react to mouse movements applied to the active window (when the game was behind it). I did not check to see if it responded to mouse clicks applied to that window, though. I would normally expect all of this to be handled in a separate thread. For example, all the physics should be in one thread, networking in another, UI and rendering in a third (or third and fourth). The current mechanism would seem to be problematic, even with borderless windows.
  3. Currently, users must click an arrow to iteratively scroll through the list of buildable items in the 3D printer interface. This is cumbersome and time consuming, and can be frustrating when you can't remember where the thing is that you want to build. As more items become available to be built, this situation will become worse. I suggest a scrollable grid display or some other mechanism so that the player can more easily find the thing they wish to build.
  4. In Multiplayer, if the player hosting the game Alt-Tabs out of ToM, other players will begin seeing an icon warning them of an impending disconnect and eventually become disconnected. This is because the game pauses when the player Alt-Tabs, and this includes the networking and simulation! Although it may be reasonable to pause the game when the player Alt-Tabs in single player, in Multiplayer these things must continue whether ToM has focus or not. As there is no dedicated server program, this precludes the possibility of running a multiplayer server indefinitely, as the computer cannot be committed to running this one game.
  5. The first player to enter the Play area in a multiplayer game determines how the GUI will display for all players connecting to the game. Example: Player 1 selects the 3D Static and Simulation GUI options. Player 2 selects 2D and Sci-Fi. Player 1 starts a multiplayer game but does not leave the lobby and enter the Play area until after Player 2 has entered the Play area. Both users will have the 2D, Sci-Fi GUI. But if Player 1 enters the Play area, both players have the 3D Static, Simulation GUI.
  6. Scalding

    Build stuff on manned mission

    Excellent! Thanks, that answers my questions... for now ;) I'm sure I'll have more later!
  7. Scalding

    Build stuff on manned mission

    I guess that, as a new user, I am not allowed to make new threads. This thread seems the most relevant: I just discovered Take On Mars, and bought it for my wife and myself. We've started a multiplayer game in the "Mars Yard" scenario, so that we could figure things out without having to worry about O2 etc. We've built a base (the airlock was by far the hardest part), and now we're enhancing it. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any furniture. There are beds in the capsule, but I don't seem to be able to make beds, chairs, tables, desks, or other furniture. Are these sorts of things planned? It would be really nice to have a wide variety of amenities - even if much of it is only cosmetic. For example, a prop toilet doesn't need to work, but it makes it feel like the place is meant for people to live in. That adds to the verisimilitude, which is really where these kinds of simulations shine. Also, right now everything runs on magic. The 3D printer takes no power or other materials. The various mining and extraction devices don't require power. Is there a plan to require solar arrays or other energy sources? Will structures require iron and aluminum, which I can already extract? Perhaps the capsule would contain a small generator and some supplies to help you get started in a survival game. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining - especially on my first post! I really like the game, I just want to know where it's headed!