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  1. I've just take this when I join with launcher : http://i.hizliresim.com/La3Ml0.png (1436 kB)
  2. hertzofottoman

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    I cant move addons to my group !!!!!! help plz (arma2: CO )
  3. Hello guys I've take error about addon "ace_c_vehicle" requires addon "CATracked2.AAV"
  4. how can I fix it ?? can u give me that bro thanks ..
  5. Guys sorry for spam but i need help plz !!!!
  6. Come on guys plz help i need your help guys plkz !!!
  7. Hello guys When I play Arma 2 CO and night comes my game screen is greying !! I have grey color every object in the game (my soldier too ) are grey stars,mountains buildings everything is green HELP PLZ and my system is : Ati radeon hd 7850 1gb 256 bit 8gb ddr3 1600Mhz i5-3370 K 3.2 Ghz 1TB hdd 7200 rpm harddisk 20' harddisk And I've 2 times reinstall this game nothing happens...