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  1. In addition to working on the maps and some other behind the scenes stuff, I've given some attention to the design of the M247 GPMG so we can get it back into the mod.


    Clearly it is still a work in progress, but it's coming along and the first stage of modeling the main weapon is done. Thanks to Theronett for providing invaluable reference pictures from the Halo 2 Anniversary version of this weapon.

    I see some inspiration being taken from the MG42/M60 series machineguns.

    Makes me like it so much more.

    If you added a fixed, proprietary bipod, I'd recommend something that folds up onto the sides (Similar to the FAMAS series rifles, or VLTOR bipods)

    Of course, this is entirely up to you. I'm hyped!

    Great work guys!!!

  2. They are going to add a hud effect to the EVA helmets like the ODST helmets, it's like 30-40 pages back, But they are tracking the Eye piece, it has been requested numerous time, but their focus is on adding more guns and tanks, and I agree, rather have the tank then the eye piece. It's a very small team doing this stuff for free. so when things get done, they get done when the time is there

    I'd rather have the Longsword over the Scorp. :P

    But yeah, I understand that they're a small mod team. of course doing it for free.

  3. Not doing this as a argument, but as possibilities to help solve some issues

    Now this statement, makes sense. But here are solutions of what i do in arma to emulate these. I'll post Equipment that is used in Halo that Offers a Hud/NVGs capabilities and what i do in arma to match it. Going to do a spoiler so not the do a huge post bugging people, but all can read and enjoy and go, that is smart

    (I'll state my honest opinion here and suggest the Neural Implant be named to "Tactical Night vision" or something, It was stated in Both Fall of Reach and New Blood that only Spartans ever got that Implant to see in the dark, If Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck never got one as an ODST for over 15 years AND worked with ONI for several missions, never getting a NI for Night vision until he finally became a Spartan IV, VERY HIGH chance the average Joes never got a implant to see in the dark)

    Now the Items for the regular grunts that is not in game as of yet. (Not adding the ODST version)

    Optical Eye piece


    Rangefinder (as mentioned, for the grunts, not SF)


    Now what i use for what is in game for Items that offer hud/NVG

    ODST Helmet. (I wear the ODST Helmet and use the Neural Implant)


    EVA Helmet (I wear the EVA Helmet and use the Neural Implant)


    Tactical Goggles (I wear the Tactical Glasses/Shades and use the Neural Implant)


    And finally what i use the most, Regular NVGs. But why NVGs, I'll tell you

    1st look at the helmet and notice the metal base plate on it (IGNORE THE TACTICAL GOGGLES/ EYE PIECE)



    That base plate is the exact same style of base plate we currently use to attach NVGs onto our helmets we use today


    that we use to to hold NVGs


    And I'm not the only one who thought it too


    As seen from a fan film concept art that kinda faltered, http://halo.bungie.org/misc/operation_chastity_art/ but whose concept art inspires Halo fans everywhere still

    Plus I will be honest, the ARMA Vanilla NVGs match the Helmets so well. I sometimes feel like they were made for the halo mod. In missions I make. I always have the Lower enlisted wear normal NVGs and have Team leaders and Squad leaders with Tac Shades and the NI, (Though I give the Joes Tactical Glasses, Eye protection is very Important to a soldiers safety.)

    Hopefully this helps some of you guys out in ideas on how to use the NVGs

    PS. to lazy to take actual arma screenshot, I just woke up and feel tired, but this has been buzzing in my brain in and out and it woke me up so I had to get it out, maybe later after I get the Civie pictures later tonight, I'll put of some arma examples

    "Helmet NVG" would work.

    Then again, couldn't a similar thing that was implemented with the ODST helmets in the mod be done with the Marine helmets?

    I still feel, the simplest way, is to just model the eye piece as NVG.

  4. The mod won't be cluttered with duplicates of the same weapon, it just doesn't make sense to use up all the space. Like I said, feel free to make your own skin mod that uses OpTreb assets. No one is stopping you.

    Okay, fine. Fair enough. I just think it looks absolutely hilarious to have 3 versions of the shotgun, all with different camouflage paint jobs, if you aren't going to give other weapons the same treatment.

  5. Well that's simple. It's arma. You can't add the lazer to the scope. It would mess up key binds and the rails and the scope. So that is Why the lazer is on the rail system.

    Uh, no. You entirely misinterpreted what I meant lol.

    I meant position it as an attachment on the scope, not a keybind.....currently it is replacing an object that would be important for the operation of the rifle, and the rifle it's based on.

    ---------- Post added at 05:24 ---------- Previous post was at 05:22 ----------

    As a dev myself, i do like the idea of terrain specific gun camos (woodland spraypainted MA5 imo would look cool) but i am also against it at the moment as we are taking focus on the needs before the wants

    Hey man, I offered to give a go at texturing the paint :P

    Not trying to steal your job or anything, it would just be a template, or something you could overlay onto the original design, possibly could make it multi-layer so you could modify it later for any colors and combinations.

    I'm willing to help.

    ---------- Post added at 05:36 ---------- Previous post was at 05:24 ----------

    But then when would we ever see the normal guns? You're going to almost always be in a woodland, snow, or desert environment. The only time the default camo would make sense is in an urban deployment, and what percentage of maps are mostly urban? The New Mombassa map will be, sure, but only seeing the normal guns on one map would be a tad disappointing.




    Not sure if all of those photos are real, but I'm pretty sure more often than not soldiers don't paint their guns.

    Now here's an idea for you, how about instead of completely changing the guns appearance for the environment, why not make them look like they've been affected by that environment?

    For instance, the desert troops would have some slight sand buildup in the crevices of their guns, snow troops would have some frost on their guns, woodland soldiers might have mud buildup on their guns, urban soldiers would have relatively clean guns, etc.

    This way, we see the normal guns always, but it matches its environment still. Obviously if you deploy snow troops in the jungle it's going to look weird, but I don't think people will be doing that anyway.

    The military assigns photographers to specific units that follow regulation more or less, they don't want to look bad, so it can be tricky finding pictures of soldiers field modifying their weapons.

    But if the Germans, Russians, French, Italians, Swedish......Dutch......English........blaahhh......are any indication, it happens. More frequently than photographed.

    Even on guns prone to heat issues....*cough*

    That's Bundeswehr.

    Most German troops have far, far more heavily painted rifles.


    Australian SF.


    This crazy Russian Alfa member, who was supposed to use a black rifle for the meeting of Putin, but didn't give no care.

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5d/Alpha_group.jpg (157 kB)

    Although, it is more often for SF units to paint their weapons than it is for an average joe. Doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a place in the mod. Geez, it was even in ArmA 2 to begin with, and it's in ArmA 3 as well.

    The "Afghan and back" look would be cool, but really- there's no point. May as well just camouflage the gun. Far simpler, and one could argue it's much more worth their time.

    Besides! It's purely preference!

    Why does it matter if you see black guns more often than the camouflaged ones? If you want the black gun, use the black gun. It's not like it's horribly unbelievable for soldiers to modify their guns. They did it during WW2, they do it now, they're gonna do it in the future. No matter what. Even if the military made it so the guns had some sort of liquid repelant on it, they'd scrape it off and paint it :P

    I'm sure there are plenty of people who will use the "stock" guns. From my experience in ArmA 2, I saw quite a few people running black rifles when the camo ones were available.

  6. Single-tone guns are cool, I admit, but in reality field-modified camouflage gets much more advanced than that, I'm willing to aid in sharing some images of camouflaged guns.

    This period in the Halo universe, as we all know, is very gritty. The guns look far too clean for what they would have, in reality, been through, and I think we should have multiple patterns for different conditions. Doesn't have to be too advanced, heck- I'd be fine with patterns just like you gave the Shotguns. It's not a priority, of course, I understand that. I just wanted to bring it up.

    I'm sure Theronnett would agree, if that means a thing :cool:

    Here's an example, from Russian Alfa unit.

    http://i.imgur.com/35rOeJ2.jpg (112 kB)

    I'd be happy to, since it's not as big of a role (this tiny part), texture the camo patterns for you. Not sure what format ArmA 3 uses, but if it can be drawn up in Photoshop and converted, I'd be willing.

    Still, keep up the good work guys.

  7. Depends on what theater you were and what colony really, When I was in Iraq, I carried

    Slug for range shots,

    Buck for room clearing

    Plastic for shooting out windows of cars for waring shots

    and Salt pellets buck for crowd control.

    Fun days. Miss my shotty ;-;


    That's Iraq though.

    Similar situation, but not exactly the same. Insurgents and Insurrectionists are somewhat different.

    At this point, I'm pretty sure the UNSC was bombing insurrectionist locations, no matter who was at risk.

  8. Was just about to say that. Love the shotty in the mod and it was my go-to CQB weapon all throughout the Halo series. I'd even take the shotty over a sword. My choice loadout in the mod is a BR and a shotgun in the backpack for close quarters situations. If you can connect and you're close enough you're almost guaranteed a 1 hit kill. Also the Marines would definitely have a shotgun in their MTOE since it's less likely to puncture a ship's hull.

    Also from working with MPs and dealing with the riots in Baltimore, I have to say that shotguns are far more versatile than you're giving credit. They are often used in delivering non-lethal ordinance and other specialized payloads that would be critical in an insurrection that could go from protesting to full on Innie assault in a matter of minutes.

    Last I checked the UNSC wasn't too worried about breaking up protests in a peaceful, or less than lethal manner.

  9. Shotguns can be used for breaching. They really have no role other than bird hunting and I guess 200 yard slug shooting.

    I know that, but so are PDW and carbines.

    Shotguns are mostly used for shooting locks/hinges off the doors in a breaching situation.

    My point is, why would anyone want a shotgun, something with limited range and accuracy, over something far more versatile? Preference is the key word.

  10. Hmm you know with that logic, i don't see why extended stock shouldn't also be a secondary haha. It is the same weight as the collapsed stock.

    you know, i'll be Honest, I hated the M4, I'm 6'3" The thing was so small on me, they never would give me a M16, no matter how many times i requested, then they gave me the 249 and i was happy, then a shotgun, then a 240B. I was like, you serious?

    I am 6'3" as well, but I'm joining the Marines as an 0311.

    What about a carry handle option for the Assault Rifle?

    I can see that being lore-friendly, and useful for people who prefer height for their iron sights and no obscured vision from the scope.

  11. Two guns that have the same damage, ROF and the only difference is recoil (collapsed has more recoil be default), why would you ever use the collapsed stock variant as a primary? It's a secondary in the collapsed position for a CQC backup, where recoil management isn't as large of a necessity.

    Okay, fair enough.

    Why would anyone use a shotgun when they can use an assault rifle or SMG instead?

  12. Oh whoops that's what I meant to say. Collapsed should be secondary, idk why you would want it for a primary when the extended stock is there.

    Because, why not?

    That's like saying "you shouldn't have an MP5K PDW stockless as a primary because it has no stock"

    I don't have a personal reason for it, but I don't see why it shouldn't be there. I'm not demanding, nor requesting, more so just throwing out an idea.

  13. That's the laser aiming module on the bottom of the silencer:


    My SMG and attachments are lore accurate.

    In regards to the MA5C/B, they will be two different guns but have the same body style. The MA5B will have a painted ammo counter like in Halo CE and the MA5C ammo counter will have a nickel plated look to it like in Halo 3 to distinguish the two models. Both guns will still share the same MA5 frame, with the B and C classification coming from their separate ammo counters.

    Ah, never mind then.

    Should have collapsed/extended stock SMG versions for primary.

  14. Ah, But I use the M4 as a family, not the actual weapon, so it is not fallacy

    As you Said,

    CAR 15 1966

    XM 4 1988

    M4 1994

    M4A1 2010

    Now you have the MA5s

    MA5 (MA37) 1st issued in 2437

    (Were the A model went, who knows)

    MA5B No know issue date, but was in the mid 2440'

    MA5C no know 1st issue date

    MA5D 1st seen in 2526

    Natural evolution of firearms and their family, you seriously going to believe that the UNSC is just going to field 1 model of gun for 100 years, or even 20, with a known flaw of Faulty magazines and firing pins, stated by even bungie when they talked about the MA5C, without Misriah Armory ever trying out new models and designs, that is just silly talk

    I'm simply using the logic you stated gave me to use lol.

  15. So i'm all for the MA5C being in, set for ODST teams or Units based from the Core systems and sent to the front, for it was stated that the UNSC kept all the top gear for the Core systems. leaving the horrible gear for the Out colonies incase the defected. So The Unit's station out in the Outer colonies should be equipped with MA5Bs and Even MA37s if they really are down on their luck unless they were army

    MA5B were the standard issue weapons, and therefore it wouldn't make sense, based on that logic, for the outer colonies to have them issued. Last I checked, the MA37 is far older, outdated.

  16. Well the MA5D was around during 2526, But not standard Issue, it would not be uncommon that the MA5C would be around way before that doing field testing with ODST teams, that, considering the flaws that the MA5B did with Magazine springs and the firing pin, causing the major problems with Range and Accuracy. Remember, the 1st Issue of the M4 Carbine happened towards the end of the Vietnam War to SF units. But it never became common place till the late 80's early 90's and never became standard issue till the Global War on Terror

    It wasn't an M4 during the Vietnam war. So, that's a fallacy. They had the CAR 15 and XM Series, and the La France M16K. M4 didn't actually exist until early 90's, and CAR 15 were still more common by mid 90's.

    MA5C, not MA5D. MA5D is again, dumb 343 logic. MA5B already existed, why did we need the MA5D?

  17. Ah, but you didn't realized, I did PM you, the Mod takes place during the Insurrection. Meaning the Time periods of 2450-2525 years. So any equipment that was around during those years are what is going to be in lol. Truthfully the Armor from Halo Wars. (Which was used for halo 2 anniversary too) would match the era more, but the Reach armor is cool.

    Also here https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/canon-fodder-clarity-grace

    Q: In games with an anniversary edition (CEA and H2A), should we take new graphics as canon over the older ones, one example being the Gravemind's massive overhaul.


    A: In most instances, the visuals depicted in an “Anniversary†edition should be taken as the definitive representations. The Gravemind as depicted in Halo 2: Anniversary is one such instance.

    So the Reach armor for the marines is cannon, Also till said otherwise, the MA5B looking like the C, but they said they will add the Original B and have the C at the same time

    Also the Pillar of Autumn was also retrofitted to top of the line for Operation: Red Flag, so well that it created the Autumn class ship. Also it was stocked for a High tech equipment. A new experimental Slipspace drive, and even experimental Gravity generators. The Pillar of Autumn was one of the most advanced starships in the UNSC fleet when the Battle of Reach happened

    I understand that it takes place during the Insurrection periods, after all, Op Trebuchet was the final assault on the Erridanus Insurrection. The final blow.

    I think the MA5C should be left out. That was the Covenant war, not the Insurrectionist period.

    MA37 was shown being used by both Army and Marines, however I feel like, ignoring 343's Anniversary BS, the events on Reach lead the Marines to outfit their troops with whatever they could find, since it was a planet the MA37 may have been more commonplace than the MA5B, which would explain why the MA5B wasn't present at all, in the theater the main characters were involved in.

  18. My favorite part was the Forward Unto Dawn suddenly changing designs while floating through space.

    You know, how it changed from this: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130912001345/halo/images/d/d5/H3_UNSC_FUD_HigherSide.png

    To this: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131214203835/halo/images/9/9b/H4-Concept-Charon-Frigate.jpg

    With no explanation. 343i is incompetent.

    SpaceNavy, you are bae. You still never accepted my friend request on Steam </3.

    Yeah, 343 design changes make no sense and conflict with actual canon too much.

  19. True, but as you saw, the co-pilot seat that Palmer was in actually had enough space that she could get pulled out, yeah, I agree the Pilot might be screwed, But the CO-Pilot can easily get swapped out, also, remember Halo 1st strike? The Cockpit was completely destroyed carrying the Spartans, so the Spartans initiated a emergency auto-pilot from the inside the crew bay

    I just feel like Halo: Reach should be the primary reference for all of the equipment in this game, with books/comics coming in second, Halo Wars too since it's considered canon (ignoring the gameplay elements needed for the game to work, like Spartan shields).

    I would love to see the original Marine uniform from Halo: CE being implemented, since the Pillar of Autumn was an outdated vessel, we could actually argue that the equipment employed by the crew was old as well, or of a different variation.

    Maybe redesigned a bit, but the original appearance is still very cool.

    I still wish to see the Marines/Army eye piece show up as a replacement for the current NVG. Really kills immersion atm.

  20. Ah, but you never mentioned the Mi-24 Hind gunship/attack helicopter, which it is designed for, which is used to transport to great effect in Afghanistan when the Russians invaded. Also, trust me, the Pilots will Never leave their cockpits to help out the crew in back, they are to busy flying. The only crew who would ever treat the wounded is the crew chief. Also unlike the Original pelican, you forget that the new design actually allows for a real ejection system. meaning if the pelican jets shot down, pull level, ejection the window pop off and ejection seat launch, something the other pelican NEVER had.

    Yes, but the Mi-24 is built and operated using a totally different logic from the Pelican.

    Soviet doctrine was far different from the UNSC's, and the UNSC obviously takes queues from the US Armed Forces.

    The Mi-24's secondary role is transport, it is not used in that role as a primary. Normally, the cargo bay is only used by SF.

    The Pelicans primary role, gunship or not, is to transport infantry and vehicles. Hind can't transport vehicles.

    Ejection seat is cool, but I meant an injured pilot. If your copilot gets shot in the stomach, you normally don't eject and leave your passengers to fall to their death....

  21. It was designed for Spartans in mind truthfully, which make zero gee fighting possible with those turrets. but they are flack guns, meant really meant to cover troops as they exfil and infil to the location. Remember, this is when the Spartan program was in the hundreds. You have the 300 Spartan 3's from Gamma company and a few extra hundred Spartans that came from ODSTs, army, Airforce, you name it. And the pelican isn't mainstay, Mainly deployed with the Infinity and spartan teams across UNSC space, many of the rest of the UNSC still uses the regular pelicans, as seen in Halo: Spartan Assault + Strike, and the Halo Escalation comics, where they been using assets of all the Halo games together in the same volumes.

    I just feel that the original design was 100% more believable.

    Yes, the current design would make total sense if it was an in-atmosphere only aircraft.

    But since it is capable of leaving atmosphere and traversing space, the original design still makes more sense for what it is.

    The rocket pods of the original were legitimate, the turret on the nose made sense, and the gun in the rear was effective. This is true to real military aircraft.

    As a veteran you should be able to acknowledge the value of a crew being able to tend to an injured pilot in a transport aircraft, such as the MH-60, or UH-1, or CH47, or Mi-8. Not only that, but communication would be far more efficient, etc, just like in real life. The pilots would also be less exposed in an evacuation situation. 343 has a lot of illogical, unrealistic, more sci-fi like designs.