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  1. I see some inspiration being taken from the MG42/M60 series machineguns. Makes me like it so much more. If you added a fixed, proprietary bipod, I'd recommend something that folds up onto the sides (Similar to the FAMAS series rifles, or VLTOR bipods) Of course, this is entirely up to you. I'm hyped! Great work guys!!!
  2. Looks great. It's gonna have a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny like the others, with a removable scope, correct?
  3. I'd rather have the Longsword over the Scorp. :P But yeah, I understand that they're a small mod team. of course doing it for free.
  4. "Helmet NVG" would work. Then again, couldn't a similar thing that was implemented with the ODST helmets in the mod be done with the Marine helmets? I still feel, the simplest way, is to just model the eye piece as NVG.
  5. Okay, fine. Fair enough. I just think it looks absolutely hilarious to have 3 versions of the shotgun, all with different camouflage paint jobs, if you aren't going to give other weapons the same treatment.
  6. Why won't you just accept my offer, or tell me why it can't be? :I
  7. Uh, no. You entirely misinterpreted what I meant lol. I meant position it as an attachment on the scope, not a keybind.....currently it is replacing an object that would be important for the operation of the rifle, and the rifle it's based on. ---------- Post added at 05:24 ---------- Previous post was at 05:22 ---------- Hey man, I offered to give a go at texturing the paint :P Not trying to steal your job or anything, it would just be a template, or something you could overlay onto the original design, possibly could make it multi-layer so you could modify it later for any colors and combinations. I'm willing to help. ---------- Post added at 05:36 ---------- Previous post was at 05:24 ---------- The military assigns photographers to specific units that follow regulation more or less, they don't want to look bad, so it can be tricky finding pictures of soldiers field modifying their weapons. But if the Germans, Russians, French, Italians, Swedish......Dutch......English........blaahhh......are any indication, it happens. More frequently than photographed. Even on guns prone to heat issues....*cough* That's Bundeswehr. Most German troops have far, far more heavily painted rifles. Australian SF. This crazy Russian Alfa member, who was supposed to use a black rifle for the meeting of Putin, but didn't give no care. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5d/Alpha_group.jpg (157 kB) Although, it is more often for SF units to paint their weapons than it is for an average joe. Doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a place in the mod. Geez, it was even in ArmA 2 to begin with, and it's in ArmA 3 as well. The "Afghan and back" look would be cool, but really- there's no point. May as well just camouflage the gun. Far simpler, and one could argue it's much more worth their time. Besides! It's purely preference! Why does it matter if you see black guns more often than the camouflaged ones? If you want the black gun, use the black gun. It's not like it's horribly unbelievable for soldiers to modify their guns. They did it during WW2, they do it now, they're gonna do it in the future. No matter what. Even if the military made it so the guns had some sort of liquid repelant on it, they'd scrape it off and paint it :P I'm sure there are plenty of people who will use the "stock" guns. From my experience in ArmA 2, I saw quite a few people running black rifles when the camo ones were available.
  8. Another thing, I noticed my Sniper rifle statement kinda got swept under the rug. :P
  9. Single-tone guns are cool, I admit, but in reality field-modified camouflage gets much more advanced than that, I'm willing to aid in sharing some images of camouflaged guns. This period in the Halo universe, as we all know, is very gritty. The guns look far too clean for what they would have, in reality, been through, and I think we should have multiple patterns for different conditions. Doesn't have to be too advanced, heck- I'd be fine with patterns just like you gave the Shotguns. It's not a priority, of course, I understand that. I just wanted to bring it up. I'm sure Theronnett would agree, if that means a thing :cool: Here's an example, from Russian Alfa unit. http://i.imgur.com/35rOeJ2.jpg (112 kB) I'd be happy to, since it's not as big of a role (this tiny part), texture the camo patterns for you. Not sure what format ArmA 3 uses, but if it can be drawn up in Photoshop and converted, I'd be willing. Still, keep up the good work guys.
  10. That's Iraq though. Similar situation, but not exactly the same. Insurgents and Insurrectionists are somewhat different. At this point, I'm pretty sure the UNSC was bombing insurrectionist locations, no matter who was at risk.
  11. Last I checked the UNSC wasn't too worried about breaking up protests in a peaceful, or less than lethal manner.
  12. I know that, but so are PDW and carbines. Shotguns are mostly used for shooting locks/hinges off the doors in a breaching situation. My point is, why would anyone want a shotgun, something with limited range and accuracy, over something far more versatile? Preference is the key word.
  13. I am 6'3" as well, but I'm joining the Marines as an 0311. What about a carry handle option for the Assault Rifle? I can see that being lore-friendly, and useful for people who prefer height for their iron sights and no obscured vision from the scope.
  14. Okay, fair enough. Why would anyone use a shotgun when they can use an assault rifle or SMG instead?