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  1. First, thanks a lot @SnakeDocc for pointing that out :D It actually works when you turn off ace_cookoff_enableAmmoCockoff. But there is still an Error Message coming up with this stuff https://imgur.com/a/WxqblWs so i hope that maybe will help to resolve it. For now it works just fine with disabled Ammo Cockoff.
  2. @firewillHey first thank you for your awesome work and everything! Especially the F-14. Love it to bits. But sadly there seems to be an error with your ATMS. When you crash it, it spawns a lot of the equipped ACMI Tacts Pods instead of deleting them. That causes at least a Client side game crash and is horrible on the server performance. Here are two pictures of what i mean https://imgur.com/a/82gTtzU
  3. Hey Guys I got a little project i was thinking about for a while and now i finally made it real. A Glider :D The new DG1001M. A Two Seater Glider from the German Manufacturer DG Flugzeugbau. The DG1001 is a nice looking and nice flying Glider for long routes. Because of the my love to Gliders and the fact that i fly them myself i decided that it is time that ArmA finally gets one of these nice looking planes. This is how it should look like if it is finished: And this is how it looks right now: So you see an very early WIP :D PS.: I still search someone with Blender/Scripting Skills to put this thing in the game so if anyone is interessted just pn me :D Have a nice day!
  4. TexanTex

    Turtle's Armory

    Nice to hear that the development is continuing and better and bigger than ever. And turtle let me know ifyou need some help ;D
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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hey Guys my name is Tex and i am in the ArmA business for a while and i wondered why there never was a glider mod... Sooo i had an idea. I would like to make a Glider Mod for ArmA 3 and this glider should be the DG1001M. It got a folding engine that comes out of the back of the body and it can start without a towing plane just with his own engine power. http://i.imgur.com/VeC5bse.jpg?1 (200 kB) This Picture is Copyrighted by me as i am the Photographer. This is how it looks like. And this is my start: http://i.imgur.com/wBp3iTT.jpg?1 (167 kB) But sadly i now know that my modeling skills are not the best and i think i need another modeler. Sooo i can support the modeler with everything he/she needs because i fly the plane pretty much every weekend. I hope you guys got interested in the mod and if you are you can send me a pm. I try to reply as quick as i can. Thanks for your attention ;) Tex