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  1. pierre MGI

    Tank Script Problem

    No problem with init.sqf or even trigger set to condition: true. I can't reproduce the problem so far. If some remaining AT ammo, the tank will shift on this ammo if any incoming enemy armored. l have a two line correction for some big mod adapt (roughly when hmg or canon is undefined). Nothing for your problem but could you confirm me if you're playing with some mods? This script allows to shift for some anti-infantry ammo IF the nearest enemy is infantry. This script doesn't decide some priority for targets. This is the work of Arma's engine. l will test some scenarios again and try to modify some lines if I can. I'm not at home right now. I can't go deeper in my script right now.
  2. pierre MGI

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    AIs selecting efficient ammo against infantry or vehicles. Here is my 2 cent contribution. Not only for DLC but for every tank. This could be nice if something like this script could be in Arma's engine. Sure, you can improve it.
  3. pierre MGI

    Very annoying mortar bug.

    Something similar when you attach an object to player and move, release it. PhysX collision perhaps. Solution: add a "disable collision" with the mortar?
  4. You can detect if an addon (functions) is present. You can write your own script or your own addon with a conditional behavior for this presence, but you can't modify addon which are not yours.