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  1. njord47

    Great White Shark

    Wow this will be awesome! Keep it up!
  2. njord47

    Use Roads from an pbo?

    Ahh okay, thx
  3. Hi, i wann place roads to my new map, wich are included in an pbo out of the a3 file. How can i do it? Maybe its already asked... I think to the addon from "E76".
  4. I have the same Textures PuFu explained. My png is 3x8=24bit and with alpha its the 32bit version. Than i create with the 24 bit version without alpha channel my co.paa -------< and works With my 32 bit version with alpha channel i craete the nopx.paa-----< also works Forgott to say i create with the 32 bit version a normal map so it is the look it should be, i think^^ But mybe it is not the best looking or why is it not correctly?
  5. I GET IT! Play around and it works good and looks better than excepted. ^^ My way: 1. look at a high texture image (my 2000x3008 pixel by 24bit/png) 2. cut it in the form i want (2048x2048 pixel/png) 3. open the picture via textview2 > RGBA-ARGB8888/None-ARGB8888 change it to RGBA-DXT1/None DXT1 ----> for the ...co.paa (2mb) 4. open the png again use gimp/ picture + alpha channel/2048x2048 pixel by 32 bit/png 5. open the picture via textview2 > RGBA-ARGB8888/None-ARGB8888 change it to RGBA-DXT5/None DXT5 ----> for the ...nopx.paa (4mb) I saw that some guys use .tga texture also, for what is this texture file? By the way thx for the help!
  6. Yes you are right, i try to make ground textures. I already get it work BUT it looks not good because of the bad setup. :(
  7. Ahh okay, my problem is i can`t save it under this format, think i have to download a addon for gimp/pixplant.
  8. Sure, i allready read that post, but if i "play around" its not what i accepted. Thought it is only one simple solution...:( But thx to the wake up call! :cool:
  9. Hi, i'm on the way to create a map with my own textures, but if i look at my normal map paa./nopx it have not the same value like for example a arma 3 given texture. How can i create this file? I use Photoshop and Gimp, make an alpha channel, but if i wanna save it with DXT5 value it doesn`t works. I have an RGBA picture with ARGB1555 but i need this DXT5. I try to save it as this format, but it wont work. Anybody here who can help me?
  10. njord47

    Airport design info

    Thank you very much! It`s very helpful because i have to build one or two in the next time. :)
  11. Hi there, anybody fixed several failure by start the map?