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  1. folklore

    Squad (PR:BF2 Devs)

    I loved TCE, damn it was good. Still Squad will be much more like PR than TCE for few reasons: - Combined arms - Basebuilding - Included 3d positional audio comms - Infinite view distance 4sqkm maps (not as much as in ArmA, but like TacBF shows you don't need the whole map) After the development hits some milestones on the way it should come up like BF2PR! Some HMMW pics & KS update 3! Also Project Reality 1.3 came out today and as standalone, no need for BF2 installation anymore (sorry if we Squad fans spam two topics here @offtopic but there was instruction in the more recent one to turn here)
  2. OFP / ARMA / ARMA2 / ARMA 3 does not hide you from AI by being behind a bush / tree leaves.
  3. folklore

    IG chat and server telemetry

    Really like this idea, would even enable this to side and global channels. If I don't really care what others are doing and just want to focus on group / vehicles / command channels I would love to be able those channels out with two options: - Totally filter selected channels out, enable / disable specific channel to quick keys - Filter selected channels if the sender is further than X meters out. Would defeat a purpose if it needs a mod since environments where you play with mods there is usual much stricter communications anyways (private ops). Even the idea of being able to disable side/global VON in public makes me drool, I know you guys are working on making the chat experience better via the audio Q&A and would love to see something like this enabled. Possible cons are that people totally screw up their chat settings but do enable a reset button and hide them behind some advanced button that also has a popup that messing with these can seriously damage your multiplayer experience.
  4. I would think this has been commented on earlier but could not find much with Google or BI forum search so here we go: Is it possible in ARMA3 to award players with scores for any custom actions that mission maker decides and export that data to be read and displayed in web service / site? If you think about sites like Gametracker or SWEC they can only show your killscore and that does not illustrate participation from support roles or actually claiming the AO / objectives. For a simple example think about Invade&Annex server that could track the following: 1. Number of AOs the player has completed (standing at the AO when it gets done pretty much) 2. Number of side missions the player have accomplished 3. Number of medical actions the player has performed towards other players 4. Number of kilometers flown / driven in a particular vehicle Now what do we do with that data in the example case? We can rank people with much broader scale of actions than their killscore and show this data much like any other game that tracks multiple things regarding your performance and profile. In case this is seen possible or somebody has already done it just show me the way :o
  5. folklore

    Campaign: The Henchman

    Done reading the OP, idea of the campaign looks great. I would love to playtest and also make a review video regarding the campaign
  6. I don't see anything weird in it, Valve is the one that acts as the distributor and central contract party to all those affiliated so the contracts are made between Valve and modders when they push their product to workshop. The text is also obviously designed so that it can be used with any other publishers and games, not just Skyrim / Betheseda / Zenimax as it is now.