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  1. Manni-Gaming

    Arma3 Videos

    Hello Soldiers! I just released my latest video production on Arma III. It was supposed to be a hardware test but it got so funny that I decided to make a fail-video out of it :p So: It's only supposed to be entertaining and funny. Don't gimme a hard time because I messed stuff up, ok? :bounce3: WARNING: Language gets a bit unclean sometimes but the game is 18+ anyways :j: HINT: If you wanna enjoy it in actual 60 FPS - unfortunately - you gonna have to do it in Google Chrome (Sucks, I know -.-) Here it is: Got some ideas for my next one or simply have some thoughs? Don't hesitate to comment here or on YouTube. Thanks for watching, Manni-Gaming
  2. Manni-Gaming

    server browser never works

    Why do you have to make your router do certain things in order to get the game running in the first place? It it just me or is BI responsible for making a game that runs and is compadible with hardware and software? Maybe that sounds a bit hard but ... Do I have problems like that on other games? No, I don't... I do not have to adjust my router specifically for any other game. I dont have to make firmware updates for my router for other games and I'm sure as hell not being advised to buy a "higher grade model" for other games. I am in a lack of understanding for those kinds of problems now in 2015 as these problems are the same that have always been with BI-producs.. :( And Yet I stil buy and like the games. If it wasn't for that shitty compatibility the game would be SOOO AWESOME!!!
  3. On King of the Hill Servers (where I don't think they're just bad optimized) I always play with Ultra Settings and such at around 60-100 FPs. Then just for no reason the fps drops down to 20-30 and hard stuttering appears on walls while moving and so on for 1 min or 2 and then it goes back up for 1 or 2 min and all that over again. Its incredibly annoying. Game's running on high-high-high-end hardware overclocked to the fullest SSD and latest drivers. Runs like shit. Sorry if that's how I have to put it. But I am really annoyed by that as I have never made any other experience with BI-Games in the past 10 years. Not to mention the ridiculous server browser that makes you have disconnects while joining for no reason (having the latest arma version apparently). Being kicked due to some battle-eye BS that doesn't make sense. After disconnect the server browser doesn't work anymore. Does not find any more server until I start the game all over. Damn man... How long have they been doing videogames? I'm a bit frustrated and disappointed right now. Sorry dudes...
  4. Manni-Gaming

    List of supported devices

    Wait, what? There is a mobile ARMA?
  5. Hm. It's probably something else but I always get disconnected from servers while joining with any reason given.
  6. Manni-Gaming

    would you still buy any BI product ?

    I would buy a BI product again, if it was clear that the games runs well and uses the actual potential of the system it's running on. So many people having performence issues in this game - framedrops to half at the same time the GPU usage drops to almost zero and then: Full FPS again all of the sudden for the next 60 seconds.