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  1. And that is a good thing for any company, to see where people want to go. Over the last two years, i bet 15 in 20 of the arma players got arma because of those wasteland, epoch, exile, mods. So we have to consider that maybe those mods are a sign of things to come? Sandbox, are the new gen of players. Nobody plays just arma for arma anymore.
  2. sneakydude

    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    So moving to 64 bit, wont allow for the enfusion engine to be <inserted here> fix for even that? So whats the real purpose at this stage to completely move to 64 bit? not the new engine just for the DLC? and no that video isnt anything like a 3rd person console movement system. It is actually what arma needed, a smooth movement system. Not COD jump in your face video game.
  3. sneakydude

    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    https://youtu.be/TTI_Nj6s5hc Take a look at this, if only arma 3 had character movements like this it might feel so much better. Remember it is all about how we feel in the end. Laggy, crappy loading times, everything like that makes us crazy. I am happy they did what they did and gave us a chance to mod, script everything but having new features now? might require a completely new arma engine. Are you willing to go with that? and purchase another arma game if they could remove half of the hates we have about arma 2-3 now? I am just on the fence about everything.
  4. sneakydude

    would you still buy any BI product ?

    The 2013 purchase of arma 3 i thought content and future content was included, then i found out it was not included with apex. I think many not just myself found that a tad wrong. I remember the full package was closer to 160 bucks for me back then. Besides that i moved on, its an expansion whatever. I am just not sure anymore with dayz standalone, and arma 3 performances, and lack of company respect for people i am just not sure anymore.
  5. Arma 3 Server, started 2 nights ago. 3 hour restarts, 2:17 this morning crashed again. possible DMS occupation, AI's causing this with the arma 3 memory leak, whatever is going on?
  6. sneakydude

    PBO Manager

    no right clicking options available win 7 pro 64bit. will look to windows being the issue
  7. sneakydude

    How to delete objects after Apex update?

    Dev's - anyone is this possible by chance? the original houses on the tanoa map. Or any map for that matter. Apex date sept... I currently see no way of doing it.
  8. sneakydude

    How to delete objects after Apex update?

    Does anyone know if the editor todays date, can delete objects off of the tanoa map? or is it read only and we have no abilities to redo a SP, or friends only MP map? There has to be someone experienced enough to know this? I am rather new to the map part, have worked with other maps but i wanted to learn how to do map generations. One that isnt buggy.
  9. sneakydude

    How to delete objects after Apex update?

    Hmm has this changed? you cant do that.
  10. I had the same issues it not opening up, i then checked the P drive everyone was talking about. 1. Hit mount the project drive, then went to project drive management, then did it again and installed this bulldozer 2. the terrain builder opened fine after that. Will report any other errors. This is my first time looking at this tool.
  11. sneakydude

    Lack of map object interaction/IDs in Eden

    I have been looking for a long time how to remove buildings, and other objects from the map to customize a few things for myself. I see older topics using the init.sqf file, but the notes.txt is gone now after the latest apex updates (To date) I would love to just simply right click on the building and hit delete. There is no way from the videos i saw. Blowing shit up makes good sense, so removing objects is not possible? we just have to make a brand new map i suppose? Just getting into the apex editor and already i cant do what i was hoping to do today. Sad face