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  1. Hey Toadie, first of all I wanted to thank you for all the great weapons you have produced for the A3 Community. The attention to detail within the models and animations are outstanding. Beeing a member of the German realism communtiy I particularly like the G3 and G36 packs. Though I was wondering if you could implement a few versions of the G36KA4 (as mentioned above). This variant is seeing use throughout the Bundeswehr airborne and SF branches and would be very useful for German communities simulating those particular units (of which there are quite a few :D ) . Judging from the existing models it would be comparably easy to create those variants as most of the needed parts are already seen on other rifles (mainly the MIL versions). Here are some reference pictures for better understanding: G36KA4 seen with German KSK troopers (Mag well changed to fit NATO STANAG / Magpul Magazines): G36KA4 in use with German Kampfschwimmer Troopers (RAS front Rail and IdZ Buttstock): G36KA4 with German KSK Troopers (Standard Buttstock, RAS front rail and exchanged mag well): G36KA4 (IdZ buttstock, standard G36 Mag and standard G36 handguard): I would greatly appreciate it if you would find the time to put the G36KA4 in one of the next G36 weapons pack updates. Keep up the great work! Cheers, Marshal_Jud