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  1. Hey there, first of all, if your mine is called 'ied_1' , then you should reference it correctly when checking if it is active - in the condition of your trigger you're checking an object with a different name. I'd recommend you read the community wiki entry on triggers. Note that the trigger activation you've specified isn't used, since your condition field does not contain an additional 'this' to include it. From what you posted, the trigger should activate as expected if '!mineActive eod1' returns true - as I mentioned before, you might have referenced the wrong object here. As for people not seeing the hint message: assuming that the trigger actives correctly, I can't tell why the hint wouldn't show for the other players. Note that hint is local both in it's arguments and it's effects. Try one of the chat options like systemChat that allow global variables - although I don't see how this should be the problem with hint, I can't think of any other cause.
  2. Hey there Chillroy, I can't tell for singleplayer, but I've experienced the notification not being shown in multiplayer before. I've solved this by calling BIS_fnc_showNotification when the task objective has been completed. Note that this function only has a local effect. Not sure what you're referring to with your last sentence. From the top of my head I recall that the createTask module has an option to create the task for different scopes, even for all units of a certain side. Best regards, Rickyfox
  3. I'll have a look at the package in the next days, thanks for sharing it!