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  1. soapboxsubmarine

    Tetrahedron.p3d - What is it ??

    ok, i found a solution. I went to steam and verified the cache on the tools. Then started the tools. then i started TB only to get another error message. So i then went to the devp on the tools startup page and updated buldozer. it worked. To be clear. I also did a complete reinstall of both tools and mikeros tools, if this doesnt work.
  2. soapboxsubmarine

    Tetrahedron.p3d - What is it ??

    this also doesnt work for me
  3. soapboxsubmarine

    Tetrahedron.p3d - What is it ??

    have tried this as well now. No luck plz adress this issue bohemia
  4. soapboxsubmarine

    Fix to the "tetraHedron.p3d" error

    same here. tried reinstall, decomp. and reg cleaner, and the solution described in thread, no luck I also deinstalled everything, (also mikeros tools, deogg etc..) and deleteted my project. Basically started again on scratch. not cool. cannot do anything with my project now
  5. soapboxsubmarine

    Skype group for map makers issue

    yo Richie, thnks for discord link. Still want to hang out with you guys ;)
  6. soapboxsubmarine

    Lost objects in terrain builder

    thats just the thing, No hidden layers, and they dont appear in bulldozer, only in game. Very strange
  7. It seems I placed some harbour objects by mistake a while back, just noticed them in game. They do not appear in TB. So how do I remove them? no fun having a friggin harbour on top of a hill :P help appreciated greatly
  8. After installing windows 10, I cannot get in to the skype group again.. I only get this message: "The host of this conversation is cuurently offline. You can close this window and when the host is next onnline tou will be added to the IM." Anyone has a solution for this. thnks
  9. in the configurator you can choose to either save the changes to both object builder and TB or just one of them. If you choose only TB, the changes stick. At least for me. So settings not saving not the issue with this. Its only the Raise/lower terrain that is and issue. Everything else works fine in buldozer.
  10. Issue is: When i use brush mode to raise/lower or essentially do anything with the terrain in buldozer, the changes are super slow. even when i change the raise level to eg. 20 instead of default 5. it lags as well. everything else seems normal. I tried to set it to low in the configurator as well. doesnt affect the outcome. Just upgraded to win 10, everything worked fine before. Anyone has a clue? thnks
  11. yo, only one of my colors i use give me clutter in game, any pointers is appreciated. Config: http://pastebin.com/HF9A6RrL Surfaces: http://pastebin.com/TXAY1XKj Clutter: http://pastebin.com/83C2g0kx Layers: http://pastebin.com/SisQLgTe Thnks
  12. ok, need help including clutter and surfaces: this is how it is so far: http://pastebin.com/WDKhSBYv so it packs ok with no errors, but now it will not show up in editor again...sigh! stuck again. whats the skype group youre talking about? How to join? thnks
  13. ok, its working now. turns out world id was bohemias, i changed it to something random and it works, but without surfaces and clutter for the moment. Having issues including these without getting packing error. ill tinker a bit and see how it goes
  14. ok i tried using one of M1ilk8n configs, but same result there. It packs fine and reports no errors. But dont show up, could it be something else than the config? im stumped correction: it shows up in the expansion list but not in the editor list