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    Server With Mods, Users Without?

    It's the Huey Pack mod, lots of vehicles. I know that only the scripts are downloaded, I use plenty in my mission. I try to keep my mission file size as small as possible anyways so that it doesn't take long for people to connect. There's no way I could add a 230MB mod into that and it be reasonable. Guess it would be a dream to ask for an arsenal equivalent for Vehicles... maybe there's a mod for that.. dammit then everyone would need that mod! ahh... "IS THERE NO GOD!?!" If there is absolutely noting I can do Then I'll just live with it, but I just wish there was a stupid workaround... Thanks all
  2. caretakerscurse

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    First off, I want to express how frustrating it has been trying to find out why I have not been able to make a new thread to ask questions. This thread is the only place that I have found (well I didn't find it, I was shown it) that put a number to the amount of posts needed. Many others here have made this same comment, to which a mod replayed with an actual number while quoting the rule thread. I've taken an excerpt; R0adki11 contuined to say... Thank you! Why doesn't the rules just say 5? what is a 'regular forum user'? Reading this was infuriating. I'm here to ask a question, I am not knowledgeable enough to reply to others with any of merit and become a 'regular user'. Had I been given the chance to start even just 1 thread I would have likely posted enough there to make it past the quota of 5 and then been able to ask another question. However in a juxtaposition of logic the rules clearly state that 'spam' post will not be tolerated. I don't what to make bunch of empty post until I fill some hidden quota just to get the tools needed to ask a question that would have itself filled the quota! What do you (not 'you' you) honestly expect me to do in these first post? Introduce myself? Oh... wait. That's also forbidden in the rules. Now yes, there is a thread that is a safe heaven of sorts for such post. Ok. So one post down. Now what? No really, now what? Write a post complain about the false dichotomy the rules of this forum where built with? Ok so now I'm at two. Now what? I even tried to PM a mod in order to find out what was the issue. Thinking maybe I didn't check some box, or confirm some email. Nope. The endgame of what this mod has told me to do is post the thread I wanted to make here and ask for a mod/admin to make/move it to it's proper home. So after posting this expect another post to follow some time after with my origonal question. I'll be sure to include what subthread I wanted it under, title, format, exc, making it someone else job. I don't want to do this. But I'm going to because I, like the person(s) that wrote the rules hate, empty, meaninglessly, filler posts.
  3. I'll start with my end goal, perhaps I'm going about this wrong. I've started running a coop server for my friends and I. We got into using mods. That's all well and good until we want to use a vehicle from a mod. If the mod is enabled server side, users are required to have the same mod to connect. This is fine for my friends because we all want to use the same mods. What I miss is the randoms that would come in and join us, they can't anymore if they don't have the Huey Pack installed (the only server side mod we have enabled). I feel like something could be done here. Example: If you have the TEI mod enabled and there is a Blackfood on the map, you just can't see it. it's odd, and wrong. But It lest you are in the game and can play. SO. Is there a way to have the assets from a mod on the map without forcing users to have that mod installed? OR Is there a way to pull out mod vehicles on a server via Zeus or 'x' without that mod installed server side? I have tried a few things to make this happen. I tied adding the mod vehicles to the map, but then taking out the 'addOns' lines for the Huey Pack from the mission file; Mission will not load. Tried enable / disabling TADST's add mod function, with and without the mod added to mission data. No dice. I've tried a few other little code tweaking and mucking about but I really don't know what I'm doing here. That's why I'm here. Asking you. Please help, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
  4. caretakerscurse

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Another noob here. Been working on a server for friend and myself and I am joining in the hope of learning some more so that I can improve and make something really worth all the time I've spent.