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    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    As many people know bistudios is creating the new Tanoa map. I'm extremely excited for it and can't wait but I'm curious if they will be replacing the aaf. what I mean by this is that will there be a different independent team? Tanoa will be in the Pacific so there cannot be aaf, they are defense forces for Greek islands. So will there be a new aaf for Tanoa? Or no? And just to add this in I think Bohemia interactive was planning on tanoa since they started arma 3. Not 2 minutes in the first campaign scenario sergeant Adams asked Lacey if he would rather be on a boat in the pacific. Something else I'm curious about is vehicles and weaponry. In the E3 trailer they showed a civilian plane and a civilian boat. This could mean more items for more than civilians. Possible new weapons and vehicles for NATO and CSAT forces. There is also a c-192 transall wreck you can place in Zeus, I'm also curios If this will become a transport plane in arma.