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    New King of the Hill server

    You have a vaild point and I do agree, BUT there are a few people that either got banned for something simple like not cheating which i know for a fact can happen or they really would like to play, but can't find a server to play on. Now, in order to get whitelisted, you have to fill out a app on the website then me and the admin staff will talk to them personally to get to know what happen.
  2. Hello all, Me and few other people are starting up a King of the Hill server. What makes us somewhat different is we would like to offer people that have a battleye or vac ban a second chance and play on our servers. Also, we plan on pushing custom content out as well to compeat with the other big name servers. We are looking to build up a good community and reward people by joinning, playing on the server, and just having fun. I don't want to spool alot that we have planned, but we will be having mini games once a week inside the game itself to help you earn rewards on the website and in game goods :). We have filled out a Arma 3 Monetization application so we can give you great content. Please come over and take a look and join our community. The server will go live most likely Feb 17 around 7PM CST GMT -6. We are looking for some developers to help out. We do plan on (at a later time) paying our devs, but for now we are just trying to get things off the ground. Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon! -Optimus Unreal Servers -Check out our Website: http://unreal-servers.com/