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    Iron Front in Arma 3

    Hello, I wanted to get Your advice dear BI Forums members. How to properly install, and what recent version ( I did it about year ago but there were some errors with that versions, there were few of them and I mixed something I think) should I choose to get my Iron Front to Arma 3 right, do I have to use this crappy Play with six feature ? I have both A3 and IF1944+Dday DLC legally on my Steam. My point is to play some good Warfare or CTI missions on my A3-IF, is it possible with newest versions of conversion without bugs ?
  2. Are there any working Warfare missions on Iron Front on Arma 3 ?
  3. walter1944

    User Mission Request Thread

    Hello fellow players ! I have an request. Someone knows anything about warfare or cti missions for Arma 3 Iron front 1944 ? These are my beloved ones and I can play them for hours. Another question is, anyone playing A3 Iron Front on multi ? Do You know any servers etc ? Regards.