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  1. the_bandit_NL

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Rail roads and trains would be a great addition.
  2. the_bandit_NL

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    I might be wrong, but the difference between PKK and YPG is YPG allow westerners and other small ethnic groups in their ranks? then what I would suggest is having a sub group under ISC-Peshmerga called ISC-Kurdish Fighters. Fighter Fighter AT Fighter Machingunner Fighter Sniper Fighter Medic Fighter Officer Fighter grenadier and all these have a mix of just arm, chestrig, body armor patches with the logos of PKK or YPG, when put in map, it would randomly select. You might have 3 YPG and 5 PKK in a squad or with many different outcomes. That would make it easier for Accuracy.
  3. the_bandit_NL

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Man thanks for your mod, take your time doing this. 1. IS >> use less face covers, less glasses, add some with no head gear 2. Al-Ns >> the same as IS 3. SAA >> Good as they are, I know vehicles are coming soon. 4. Peshmerga >> awaiting release :D (are they going to be Bluefor??) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Iraki Armed Forces >> hope you have them in mind. 6. YPG maybe add them as a sub-branch under Peshmerga, with less high quality equipment 7. FSA >> hope they are added too.
  4. the_bandit_NL

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Are those iraki pashmerga or rojava YPG? I think YPG use marpat green, plus a woodland color chest rig.
  5. the_bandit_NL

    Fictious arma world map

    I know, I just felt bored today and decided to make it just for fun. But thanks for the comment. If someone can make it better use it and correct it. It be nice to have an official one with the terrain textures.
  6. the_bandit_NL

    Fictious arma world map

    I tried my best to depic a nice looking map for the ArmaVerse. Hope you all enjoy it. <a href='http://postimg.org/image/khg0juohd/' target='_blank'><img src='http://s24.postimg.org/khg0juohd/ARMA_VERSE_MAP_1.jpg' border='0' alt="ARMA VERSE MAP 1" /></a> http://postimg.org/image/khg0juohd/
  7. the_bandit_NL

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    i have the game, but how do i transfer it to arma3?
  8. the_bandit_NL

    M.S.K.E. 4 Islands Map Version 2017

    If you ever make an update, please add Nogova to this :D this would be the most awsome map, now we can have the Island Federation complete in one map
  9. the_bandit_NL

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Im having trouble with the sounds, with the new update Bohemia released. Im not sure why :( one question, can you use both of your mods together?
  10. the_bandit_NL

    Creating a unit pack

    do you have a link to a program that can open a file ?
  11. the_bandit_NL

    Creating a unit pack

    OK so after playing with arms 3 arsenal I was able to export and save all the units info. Now I want to make it into a pack on the Bluefor side. How do I do that? Can some one give me a link to the tools.
  12. the_bandit_NL

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Ive seen some videos where they use blue headbands, are those another ethnic group?
  13. Does this work in single player?
  14. the_bandit_NL

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    This mod is my favorite mod in Arma3, it is very detailed on how both rebel groups use the uniforms. The SAA are also really nice, I like the models a lot, although I feel like there should be more of the Assad's units like the NDF. Al-Nus and IS are great too, my humble opinion is that IS should not all wear the face covers, that should vary with some wearing no face covers, others could use of caps (baseball type) well in short have them varied in what they wear in there head. Al-nus the same should be implemented, different head wear, some should also wear military fatigues. Correct me if I'm wrong, do IS wear any US Army ACUs? I haven't came across any. Overall your mod is awesome thanks for making it, I been following this conflict since 2013. Some units ideas: NDF: wearing civilian clothing mismatch with the woodland green you use in the SAA. Different headgear, vests and chestrigs. What will make them be distinguish from the other groups, maybe the patches they wear in their uniforms? (Opfor side) YPG: using that marpat green (or similar uniform I don't know the origins of it, but its close to the marpat green) uniform they use, with different vest and chest rigs It be awesome if you can also add a unit of the YPJ women battalions. Vary on some wearing normal civilian clothing, and don't forget to add the yellow triangle patch they use. (Bluefor side) FSA: the same as NDF details but with more woodland camo uniforms. I'm not sure if they use helmets, don't remember any videos of them using. (Ind side) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- qu-ds force -using the MEC mod- Hezblla -using the MEC mod- Hmas -using the MEC mod- ---------------------------------------------------- Sunni generic militia -using red or yellow head bands- with different variety of uniforms or civilian clothing. No head gear just the head band (Independent and Opfor side) Shia generic militia -using blue or green head bands - wearing civilian clothing. No head gear just the head band. Don't forget the true religion jeans lol. (Ind and Opfor side) Just like the Hmas in -MEC mod- that use the green head band. You can get an idea of what I mean. These are just based on the Syria conflict. -------------------------------- For the Iraqi front Kurd Peshmerga: more professional military than the YPG in terms of uniform and wear. Not to mention better weapons. (Bluefor) Iraqi Police: maybe use some of Max-cops and robbers with his permission. (Independent side) Iraqi army: with its current uniforms. (Ind side) Iraqi Special Ops: with its current uniforms (Ind side) IS: with MRAPs, Humvees, and other US goodies. Maybe add a group of IS men wearing a complete uniform like the ones in the video of the Jordan pilot (RIP) wearing a desert digital color. Or like the ones riding the horses in a parade (ACU digital)?. Make a IS unit more professional in terms of uniform.