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    Upgrade from i7 860 to i5 6600k

    upgrading from a Lynnfield to a Skylake is a decent upgrade. with arma 3 being a relatively cpu intensive game it does not surprise me to see such an improvement in frames... I honestly doubt it has much to do with the memory as, frankly, in all the benchmarks I looked at, memory is usually not a huge FPS booster. however, I really really really doubt its going to be anywhere near that dramatic going from a Haswell to Skylake. just my two cents... if anyone does upgrade from a Haswell to Skylake I would love to know what improvement there is (assuming the gpu stays the same).
  2. someuser

    Hardware upgrade

    @erwin23p, Your CPU is probably not the problem bud. And changing your CPU may be a bit costly since your ivy bridge is a socket 1155. Remember, clock speed is not the main determiner of performance. The architecture of the cpu is the main factor in performance. So after the ivy bridge is the haswell which has just been upgraded with the release of the skylake. Each processor "family" is a different chipset IE motherboard. So, unless you want to replace your mobo along with your cpu, I would stick with what you got. Sadly, your problem is likely your GPU. Most serious gamers these days rock the NVidia 9xx. Ideally a 980, but you can save a few $$$ with a 970 if you are not running resolutions higher than 1080. However, for 2k/4k you should probably opt for a 980 or even 980ti. However, before you do anything, on multiplayer FPS can be bottlenecked by the server. So, even with a skylake + 980ti you very well may still have crappy frames on "lesser" servers. Hate to recommend you upgrade when it may not make a difference. Try some other severs / less populated servers to test. just my two cents. Good luck!
  3. someuser

    Couple problems with weapon resting/deployment

    Yeah, I kinda felt like the bipod made less of a difference in prone (more sway), whereas resting my weapon on a surface made it almost perfectly still. I also noticed that in the virtual arsenal mode, if I prop a machine gun on a surface and unleash 100+ rounds on an armored target (3rd person), my camera angel gets messed up.
  4. someuser

    Getting tired of this now...

    I agree that the enemy AI is a little "too accurate" and tends to be exceptionally perceptive... Which is fine if the enemy is suppose to be highly trained commandoes but I doubt the "masses" of guerrillas are anywhere near that level. It would be nice if there was some type of ranking for enemy AI that simulated different levels of training...
  5. someuser

    50% off STEAM SALE - but not on DLC Bundle?

    The 50% deal made me a new customer to the series. $37 USD for Arma 3 + all the DLCs (including the April 8th marksman) was a pretty sweet deal. However, now that I played the game, I probably would have been willing to fork over $60+ for it. I do think the 50% sale should have extended to existing customers though. Just my opinion.