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  1. im sure there will be sooner or later; thank you shay, for all the work! its outstanding :)
  2. m4770

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    just played the map the first time ... its really good work and looks awesome :) thx m8
  3. shay&spirit... thx for making this awesome mod u guys rock edit: i try to secure a HVT but nothing happens when i press the interaction key ...mapped it on "C" since left windows key didn't work (thought its maybe my keyboard which can disable this key while ingame) but no interaction menue... tried to disable all mods ... no luck then i joined the HVT to my group over mcc but he still stands with raised arms on his head and wont move either... (read this before in this thread) last try was starting a multiplayer session.. nope couldnt find any handcuffs or zip-cuffs to use ... is there an item for that? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?150909-MCC-Sandbox-3-Dynamic-mission-creating-tool-for-ArmA-3&p=2896301&viewfull=1#post2896301 lol wtf... u need to activate the interaction function and the interaction UI in the mission settings i leave it there in case someone is wondering how it actually works... no bug at all :P