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  1. Question: Will there be civilian/Independent sides added?
  2. I have some more annoying questions. Firstly, in the New Mombasa map, will there be static assets such as kiosks and cars already placed down? Or are those assets going to be included separately? And will the be Independent/Civilian units?
  3. Glad the TEI Dev team is back. Also, good to hear that the custom terrains and cities haven't been dropped. One concern i had with the New Mombasa map though: Correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm pretty sure Arma 3 doesn't handle full-interior skyscrapers very well. So are the buildings gonna have interiors? Or will it just be on the streets?
  4. That model is good, but i personally think the wheels are a bit too small compared to the actual Gnet. http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091209153306/halo/images/9/9a/Car_common.jpg
  5. Oh, i was also wondering if this would be compatible with Zeus? EDIT: Nvm. I just checked the support section.
  6. Just discovered this, amazing mod. Also, i have a question about the planned maps. Specifically the New Mombasa one. I was wondering, how is the map going to be structured? Is it all going to be one giant city or have countryside as well?