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  1. feiercrack_1

    A fix for Full Axis throttle mapping

    Hello Friends, @Devastator_cm @Hellion_FI i also have that Throttle Problem with my Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS. I installed the vJoy and FreePIE Apps, but i really have absolutely no clew what to do then, where exactly put the scripts in.. May someone help me with that? My System: A3 full, Windows 10 x64 Pro, Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS, Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs, Simped F-16C Gameport Rudders (they´re connected to the Cougar Stick), TrackIR5 Many thanks Cheers Fixed it, works as a charm now ^^
  2. feiercrack_1

    Collateral Damage Achievement Law of War DLC

    @DancZer nope, i dont think so. i have planted those 4 mines besides the cross, so that the soldiers wont run through them, but the ran after in the other mines...
  3. feiercrack_1

    Collateral Damage Achievement Law of War DLC

    with the toolbox. those mines which are stucked in the wall, you cant disable...
  4. feiercrack_1

    Collateral Damage Achievement Law of War DLC

    finally, i got it. u have to leave your team behind. go alone and kill only the emenies. in the mine field, completely deactivate all of the mines u can reach. just wait untill the 2 vans move to their last position. then send infantry to the 3 enemies on the right side, then choose no. 1 with 4 rounds on the left front van.. finished^^
  5. Hi, can someone please explain exactly how to get this achievement? I did that showcase 3 times now, but it wouldnt pop up. thanks, cheers
  6. hi, how has this be done? with friend added on steam, or play on official servers with none steamfriend other players? or both? why we often start again at mission 1, after 3rd, 4th and 5th mission??? Thx Cheers
  7. feiercrack_1

    Steam achievements

    60/74 I like to get the Apex Achievement " Better with Friends" but it seems to be buggy on official Servers... When i try it, many times the missions starts again from scratch. we went to 3. 4. and 5. mission, after that, it started from mission 1 again. why is that? Thanks, cheers