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  1. Hi, I have tried to add the "ACE Cheytacpack M200 Intervention"-Pack to LEA manually. But I always get the "No file CfgWeapons.hpp CfgMagazins.hpp found" error. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24553 I tried to analyze the .pbo-file, the extracted folder, the config.cpp and the binarized config.bin.... still no success. what am i doing wrong? Is there a way to add these cool guns? that would be great! thx
  2. I am relatively new to Arma 2, but meantime I collected a lot of different usermade coop-missions / scenarios that I am playing with friends. Lots of missions require a wide variety of mods, weapon packs, islands... so I am going to loose the overview. If I want to host a game I have the choice to lots of differently named missions, so I pick one, but I rarely remind which mod, island etc. I have to start with the game. So mostly I get the error the mission needs downloaded content... (I think in terms of stability, its generally recommendable to start the game only with mods that are needed!) So I need a concept to rename or sort clear the missions. Renaming the pbo-file doesnt have a effect to the ingame mission-name. Putting the pbo-files in folders only works in SP, not in the MP section. Is there a mod, respectively what possibilities are recommendable for managing the missions? thx:)
  3. After a lot of testing the whole Mod-Compilation CoWarModACE (its a great mod, I will use some parts): unfortunately I didnt find a possibility to reactivate the NVG at A2-Rifle-Scopes for COOP-A2-scenario-gameplay at Combined Forces I dont have further ideas:( @Orcinus, many thanks for your effort!
  4. Knaller

    COWarModACE Release thread

    I have trouble to install the COWarACE-Mod. At my first try with PwS I had these error-messages: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?189889-Nightvision-at-A2-Night-Missions&p=2903143&viewfull=1#post2903143 Now I tried to install the manual-version. I patched to 1.2>1.3>1.4 as described in the readme- and remove-instructions. Now I am getting this error "Include file @COWarModACE\addons\SLX.hpp not found." I read that a similar (without ACE) error was caused by theese files Include file @COWarMod\addons\SLX.hpp not found. http://play.withsix.com/arma-2/mods/kJdVEiQ64xGnpAAVF72WTA/COWarModACE-An-Arma2CO-version-of-WarMod/changelog SLX_ace_fixes SLX_aiskill SLX_anim_swim "...the file finds the hpp being asked for in the @COWarModACE addons folder where as before it was asking for the hpp in the @COWarMod addons folder". This error was fixed with v1.1. (v1.2) and I replaced those files as described with the new ones of patch 1.2 The filepath at the error ist correct. The SLX.hpp is on the correct place @COWarModACE\addons\. nevertheless I deleted the three files above and now the game starts. Obviously the error is still caused by those files? How can I play with them? Thx:)
  5. unfortunately without success. First the application freezes in the mission. Second try I could start the mission but NVG still does not work with scopes. Always had an error message. Yes Ive already tried this interesting Mod!! ...but I always get error messages before Play withSIX finishes the download. yesterday there was an PWS-Update. Since them the error changed to this: I have already tried: -starting PWS as admin -deleting the mod and download the pack again -repair with the PWS-diagnose-button -disabling anti-virus-program -set manually the whole folder incl. subfolders to writable -reinstalled PWS -sending a lot of error reports ;) strange. I know there is a manual way... creating folders etc... but its complex at the COWarACE-Mod because of the need for deleting and replacing a lot of files... I will try it in the next days. All other mods works perfectly with PWS. Any ideas? btw, here are some screenshots at A2-night-missions without NVG after waiting some minutes. Its not playable for me:) Its from the Co02 Widow's Pik-mission, I was standing in the field with some single trees around me... I dont manipulate the gamma etc... whatever. In this area there are opponents waiting for me. they always see me first;)
  6. COOP-support with ACE-compatibility would be absolutly awesome! I am an old Ghost Recon 1-fan ... still one of the best games:) I am looking forward to it
  7. Yes I absolutly support this. But A2-rifles dont have NV-scopes available. So if you play A2-missions at CO I cant equip the right scopes. In this case its more bug-removing to me, if I want NV working with normal scopes. keyword reality: night operations without NV-rifles would probably not realistic Good hint. In urban environment it works because of the street lamps. But at forest etc. I only see the stars and what is a few meters around me. Enemies always see me first:p Yes! Very nice! It works... Thx!;) --- If the server admin host a server and wants this addon working to remedy mission-bugs... in my opinion support for COOP would be a good idea. Thats not cheating to me. I removed it. thx --- If found this little Mod "gdtmod_rifle_nvgoggles 1.02". Unfortunatly it doesnt work with ACE-Mod. http://www.gdt-server.net/www/index.php?site=files&file=47 (thats not a problematic site... is it?) So I am still searching. What would I have to do to modify this mod to make it ACE-compatible? I am absolutly new to modding etc.
  8. thx for youre answer! the "not working" sniper scopes came with OA, not with ACE. If I start the mission with CO Vanilla, the M107 and the M24 scopes are black. ACE only brings the Vector 21B Nite instead of the binocular). Thats why I dont understand why obviously all A2-night-scenarios are broken because of the OA addon?? I tried your "Kronzky's support call". Its gorgeous! Actually exactly what I need! I can simply drop all sniper weapons with integratet NVG ...but obviously it only works in SP.... so no solution for our COOP-events!:( (dont understand why there is no MP support) I dont understand exactly what the author means, but obviously the Missioneditor can add the support for MP: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?135571-SupportCall-quot-Cheat-quot-module&p=2170521&viewfull=1#post2170521 ... but I cant modify all my scenarios this solution needs also the editing of all missions.... if I have understood correctly: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?163473-Night-vision-and-sniper-scopes&p=2511316&viewfull=1#post2511316 This thread sounds also interesting. But I absolutly dont understand what to do: -link removed- Is there another way? I would be so grateful. Cant imagine that I am the only one who wants to play all the cool A2 coop sniper missions. thx:) (btw: how do I have in the ACE-mod to measure the distance for sniping at night, if the rangefinder does not work at night?)
  9. Hello I have Arma II CO in Steam with ACE2-Mods. I am a noob and I want to play some Arma 2 Scenarios in Coop with Friends. Now we have a problem: on night-missions the nightvision doesnt work an Sniper-Scopes (e.g. M107), Rangefinders, Telescope etc. The screen is going black and I cant see anything. Are all A2-night-Scenarios arent playable anymore? I did some research and I know that this is a reality-feature since A2 OA (NV cant be used with normal Scopes in reality). So in OA-Missions I just have to choose the right NV-Scope. right? But what to do with all the nice A2-Missions? I cant choose the right scope. OA equipment is not available. If I start with the old A2-Vanilla, I couldnt use Combined Operations and all the Mods out there like ACE etc. So what are the options to play A2-Night-Scenarios? How could I make the NV working at all scopes? any help is appreciated thx:) example-Mission: Co02 Widow's Pik http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=17108 deep night. Two Snipers. Rifles, Binoculars/Rangefinders, Telescope... nothing works. Missions isnt playable.