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  1. Hi Has 3person view been disabled after the Tank dlc from tanks and vehicles ? We cant seem to get it to work on a liberation server. MD
  2. The first would prolly be the best fit for us but both would be usefull Where would the answers/Transmissions be saved as we would prolly like to put them up on the screen on the command container from Arctic-fox (So we could have a screen with fire missions / one with contacts one with casualties etc...)
  3. Hi I was wondering is it possible to make forms so we can send back SALTA, LACE, Med 9-liners , CAS 9-liners, IED 10-liners and firemissions on the tablets as that would free up comms a lot and even get the individual messages sent to someone so we could use it for C3I (Command, Control, Communications and intelligence) so our command container will show our commander the overall picture our medic team and our chinooks where to pick up and/or treat wounded so our FSG team and artillery can coordinate who fires on which target and avoid blue on blue incidents so logistic knows where we need ammo and the commander can issue orders on the fly , our sappers can come and remove IED etc etc.... But forms would be really help full preferably some which was adaptable as all most all clan/Companys/Brigades use different ones Really nice Mod by the way