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  1. What kind of menu do you want then? Isn't it enough with the fancy 3D menu and the old list menu?
  2. You can change to the old menu in ACE options. In game hit ESC and click on ACE options menu (above the vanilla menus). ---------- Post added at 15:47 ---------- Previous post was at 15:43 ---------- I haven't tried this my self but you could try to add the interaction key as a second control to the free-look action.
  3. Was this ever finished? Or is there any other rebuild on Chernarus with only A3 objects?
  4. Could I get some help with this please? Is it really possible to sync to map objects? (No line appear when I try) If I use a marker, should it have a special name? Anything that should be in the init field?
  5. I am looking to find how to add a medical facility to a mission. I use Stratis and have not placed any buildings myself but want one of the existing buildings to be my medical facility. I have the module that is supposed to be synced to the building but it can't be synced to objects that I have not placed. I'm just using the editor and do minimal scripting. How am I supposed to do?? In agm I used an area marker and a trigger named to medevac and the medical module automatically recognized it.
  6. I suppose that also means that you can't see what the others is placing? Would it be difficult to move the db to the server? The guy who runs our server have tried but not succeeded. Though they did another tool a few months ago to use Zeus to place structures with friends but that has not near all the features that you tool has.
  7. Is it possible to use xCam on a dedi server for several "players" to edit the same map at the same time?
  8. I think the menu should have better contrast for visability. That could even possibly differ between monitors and graphical settings so it would be great with a slider to change that yourself. For those saying the menu is too hard to use in combat. As a medic (or when just helping your friend) you should take him to cover before starting any treatment at all. And about the "problem" to look at the spot. It doesn't even add more than a few seconds. And a total time of like 20 seconds to fully heal a wounded. That's not realistic if you think about it. Feature suggestion I would like to have those things that you hang the blood bags in when giving blood and that it should take a few minutes to be done. When the patient is getting blood he is immobilized like when handcuffed. Then you, as a medic, can leave the patient to help others in the meantime. And getting back to the one getting blood to see if it's ready to change bloodbag or if it's all done. This is ofcourse all meant to be done in a medic fascility and not in the field.
  9. Vargen

    Action Button Mod

    Feature request Is it possible to somehow show who is already occupying a seat in a vehicle? So that when looking at a vehicle seeing all the seats you can immediately tell that the seat is occupied and by whom.
  10. When hovering the selection you want just release Ctrl+Win to select.
  11. Vargen

    [R3F] Logistics

    Can't release Never mind this ^^ I tried on the dedicated server and it worked, it was just on my local machine it got broken.
  12. Vargen

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    I had really big problems to figure out how to give PRC117F to my units. Reading and searching all over without any luck. But suddenly I thought that because the 117F is not a handheld radio but a portable radio usually carried in a backpack maybe I have to put it in a backpack...? YES!! That solved all my troubles. So for you out there that haven't figured it out yet this is how I wrote in the init field: this addBackpack "B_AssaultPack_sgg"; this addItemToBackpack "ACRE_PRC117F"; this addItem "ACRE_PRC152"; As you can see the 117F has to be added to the backpack while the 152 can be added to the unit (soldier) itself.
  13. Vargen

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    I want more information about the Basic Mission Setup and how to give units radios with that module. What units gets what kind of radio?
  14. Vargen

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    There is only 10 fields for naming different channels. Most of the radios have more then 10 channels so it would be nice to be able to set the names for them too. If you don´t have any radio in the module when you spawn the unit it doesn´t get any radio, as it should be. But if you type any classname for a valid radio you get an extra PRC343 (one in the uniform and one in the vest). All empty fields = No radio PRC343 in 1 field = 2 PRC343 PRC343 in 1 field, PRC148 in 1 field = 2 PRC343, 1 PRC148 PRC148 in 1 field = 1 PRC148 I also miss the option to set the default channel for each unit.