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  1. Still having this issue to. Removed all other mods apart from Cba and no ied factory or ieds appearing.
  2. Hey guys love the mod been testing it for a couple of days now. Just one question. I'm using Leights Iraq terrorists as the insurgents. And on the debug I am seeing them spawning recruitment bases and occasional road blocks. But I'm not seeing any ied or ied factory's spawning. Have followed the tutorial on the wiki and have the correct modules synced. Is it a issue with leights opfor itself or am I just missing something.
  3. watchman35

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hey guys wonder if anybody can help recently got back into ace and it is all working fine apart from I cannot get the examine disarm option to work on ai when they are restrained. I click it and nothing happens is there any fix for this thanks.