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  1. I'll keep this very brief; I come from a background of c++ and I was shocked when I noticed that scripts were automatically run in concurrency. Could someone list (or give some reference to where this is explained) the different ways of calling functions and calling scripts from files, with a note whether the script will execute concurrently with the caller or the caller will wait before the function has completed.
  2. vald0069

    Problem with blender exporting.

    There are sample models for arma 3. http://puu.sh/gq8h0.png
  3. vald0069

    Problem with blender exporting.

    Thanks for the replies, i mean the sample models given by bohemia in the arma 3 tools folder. I tried with the sample plane and after importing and then exporting (replacing the current file (i made a copy of it)) i couldn't binarize the model. I checked in O2 and the model had all the lods, named selections and weights of the default one.
  4. vald0069

    Problem with blender exporting.

    That isn't really the problem, the problem is a working default model breaks after being imported and thereafter exported back to p3d (did this to test if the exporter actually worked)
  5. http://pastebin.fr/38862 The addon builder works with the default model works, but whenever i import the model to blender and then export it the addon builder fails. The named selections are the same so are the weights so i'm rather confused, though the file size is 10% bigger after export. I am using the arma toolbox. Thank you in advance.
  6. Great thread, very helpful. Thank you for your time.
  7. An example would be bones for a character in rigging, does it relate or is it just axis points with parameters? Bonus question: In the model.cfg i found that the bones defined there aren't in the p3d model, can anyone tell me what they relate to (i assume they're just named selections that are configured in the model.cfg but I could be terribly wrong)? skeletonBones[] = { "alt", "", "alt2", "", "mph", "", "mph2", "", "vert_speed", "", "vert_speed2", "", } Do not read this unless you want to be exposed to severe autism, i didn't pack the whole folder i only packed the individual folders even though the config.cpp had a different destination for the files. v Bonus bonus question: My game crashes when try to use the sample models ingame "Data is provided unpacked, but can be packed using Addon Builder and tested in game." (i have binarized the model folders), after clicking preview and waiting on the loading screen i crash log can be found here -> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ncvgz72qglawdey/AADjySZs4hh3FFYwr7eAfK3Ga?dl=0 ^ Do not read this unless you want to be exposed to severe autism, i didn't pack the whole folder i only packed the individual folders even though the config.cpp had a different destination for the files. I'm just starting out with modelling for arma, so i apologize for the rookie questions. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you a lot for the answer.
  9. 1: I can't seem to find any samples of an un-binarized plane for Arma 3 to get an idea of how the lods and named selections should be made, am i not looking the right places? 2: I've been running into some problems with exporting models from blender using the Arma toolbox for blender, I've even imported a working model into blender and then re-exported it into p3d and it didn't work from there, is this a common problem? 3: Do i need bones in my model for eg ailerons to work or do i just need the memory points and are they defined in the model.cfg or does the game read them from their named selections? 4: Will the geometry weight affect the plane's ability to fly in any way (i changed the geometry wright from 9000 to 4000 on a model and there wasn't a big change)? I've got some static models in game and got them flying, but that's all. It seems to me that there isn't that much documentation on modelling for Arma 3 especially planes, if there is please do show me. Thank you for your time, I've been struggling with this for quite a while.:)
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    SLI yes ore no :(

    Monitor your system performance in-game, i doubt that just one 780 will bottleneck.
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    Show Off The RV4 Engine!

    Looks great
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    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    I need help regarding modelling, but i can't create a new thread.