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  1. Hopefully this satisfies that requirement. I have a basic, brown-bag inquiry. Being totally new to the game (installed yesterday, registered here today), I"m curios about how one approaches gameplay at first blush. Do you study the various weapons, enhancements, systems, etc. prior to beginning, or do you jump right into the fray (a deft disoriented one-legged blind man)? There is so much to take it, which never ceases to amaze me each time I come across a You-Tuber whose appears to have mastered the steps. But feel me, I"m totally flipped with the game. I look forward to spending ages with with it's apparently limitless potential. Just from the beginning, looking upward, like the hick viewing a skyscraper until falls backwards, I was wondering what was your approach when you first started playing? Did you study tutorials, walkthrus, reviews, etc., or did you just brave the heat of battle, learning on the job?