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  1. Hi to all.... So I really need help on this. I have used different revive systems in my MP mission, BTC, Norrins, Farrooq but in none of them I can find a way to limit the amount of revives per player. Lets say I want to create my MP mission and I want for every player to be able to be revived only two times, after they fall the third time they can not be revives any more. This is with the intention of more careful gameplay and avoid rambo players who dont care about dying because they know they can be revived multiple times. I will greatly appreciate any help given.
  2. Schmucke

    Limited Revives

    Found the way to do it
  3. Schmucke

    Limited Revives

    OK so I downloaded the Norrin revive for arma3, it says that there is a way to limit the amount of revives, but Im not sure how to do it. If someone else uses the norrin revive or can give it a check and help me I will be very thankful.
  4. Schmucke

    Limited Revives

    The thing with the BTC is that players loose their weapons with wich they died. Farroook saves the weapon I have when I died if I use a a savegear script. Im running in circles, can't believe I have not been able to find a way to limit revive per players
  5. Schmucke

    Limited Revives

    OK I see that revive system the A3 wounding system but what do I change lets say to limit the amount of revives per person to 2?
  6. Schmucke

    Limited Revives

    Wow thanks for answering so fast but I forgot to say Im really new on scripting and I'm pretty lost with your reply. Where do I have to put what you just sent me MDCCLXXVI ? Description.ext ? Is it ok if I PM you so you can help me? Thanks in advance. Sorry for my bad english
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    Revive Script

    I Know its been a long time since any one comments on this post, but I really want to use this revive in Arma3 since I liked it in Arma2. I just need help on something since Im a noob on scripting..... How do I limit the amount of respawns per player in my MP missions? Please help
  8. It looks good, one question, is there a way to limit the amount of revives per player?